Walter Dinjos


I was born in Nigeria; you know, the devious West African country mostly inhabited by devious princes and princesses seeking unfortunate white folk (onyibo) to marry or give their inheritance. And I still dwell there, although, presently, the nation's diverse cultures have left me a vagabond, almost, as I travel from one village to another, enjoying the varied geography.

I write, read, sing, compose songs, draw and paint, and travel, and explore. In addition, I have made it my duty, as an ardent lover of fantasy, science, and horror fiction, to uncover abominable folklore buried in the darkest corners of the country.

I also love to explore the human soul and the possibility of life after death. What does dying feel like? Do the dead envy us? Do they, with wistfulness, regard the life they left behind? Or do they love where they are? Does such a place even exist? These questions keep me awake at night.

If they prey on your mind too, then you have an insight into my being.

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