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I'm an avid reader from all types of genres. I'm always looking out for a good book to read and willing to try a different kind of genre to explore my reading tastes further.


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  • To Rule This Broken Earth on April 19, 2012

    David Valdman is a traveler that uses inate magic to get from place to place; technology is a thing of the past and little used. He's on an errand to retrieve Jeremy from the Borderlands to Crosse for his relatives. David does his best to stay out of trouble by moving as he does. Trouble comes in the form of John Mallory and goes downhill from there. David is injured badly by a knife to the leg which gives him little trouble at first. Soon it becomes apparent that David's injury is much worse but David is still trying to guide them back to Crosse then tries for Minneapolis instead; staying away from the road. Magister Larsen doesn't remember when she started using blood magic and has lost count of sacrifices needed to help her lands crops. She blames General Howell for the state of her lands as well as other things too. Lord Downing is her ally but she doesn't trust him at all. They are both allies to Lord Samuel which makes them both wary. Magister Larsen has never lost a sacrifice before but means to get him back. King Elias II wants his father back and so does Ellen, his aunt but that's not going to happen. King Elias II is nearly a man with childish behaviors even with his magic. There are alot of wizards around but they keep to themselves. War seems to be brew for the people of Earth. What does John Mallory and General Howell want? What will King Elias II do? Will David survive? These questions and more answered in To Rule This Broken Earth.
  • Dirty Little Angels on April 21, 2012

    The Trosclair Family has had it's share of ups and downs lately. Hailey is sixteen years old and trying to cope with her mama being depressed and her daddy doing nothing but drinking since he's been laid off three months before at his meat packing job. Six months ago Hailey's mom had miscarriage and does nothing but lay around in bed. Hailey's brother Cyrus tries looking out for Hailey even though he's on parole again. Cyrus introduces Moses to Hailey. Moses seems alright in Hailey's eyes but is still wary of him. Hailey likes Chase who is dating Hailey's friend Meridan. Hailey goes and visits Verma at the apartment complex doing odds and end things for her. Hailey feelslike their are roaches crawling around her head all the time. Hailey learns her father is cheating on her mom but keeps it to herself. Child molester goes free but Cyrus and Moses beat him up but later finding out he turns up dead. What will happen to Cyrus and Moses? Will Hailey's father find a job? Will Hailey's mom recover from her depression? Will Chase return Hailey's affection? Will the Trosclair Family come together? Your answers await you in Dirty Little Angels.
  • The Man Who Crossed Worlds (Miles Franco #1) on April 29, 2012

    Miles Franco is a Freelance Tunneler, who is down on his luck, when he's caught smuggling a Vei family to Earth. During his arrest, he's asked by the Bluegate Police Department to look into a new drug called Chroma in exchange for his current arrest charges being dropped. Miles decides to investigate without police backup which only leads to Miles getting into trouble. Miles heads home to find his landlord's daughter Tania waiting for him; she wants Miles to teach her how to Tunnel. She admits to taking Miles's kemia creating a small Pinhole which upsets Miles when he thinks about the risks she's taken. Miles relunctantly agrees to teach Tania Tunneling. Miles meets John Andrews a known gangster about his involvement with Chroma but Miles learns that Andrews knows nothing about it. Miles is beaten up when John Andrews wife Caterina helps Miles back to his apartment. In Miles's eyes, Caterina is beautiful and beautiful women are always trouble. Miles gets in touch with Spencer Davies about Chroma and getting some more kemia not realizing he's spooked Spencer. Detective Vivian Reed is following Miles Franco because she believes that Miles can't help the Bluegate Police. What is Chroma? How is Caterina fit into Andrews life? Can Miles find the Chroma conection? Can the police help? Will Miles really teach Tania? Who is Doctor Dees? Your answers await you in The Man Who Crossed Worlds.
  • Sin and Sacrifice (The Daughters of Eve Series #1) on May 21, 2012

    Evelyn Grant appears to be 28 years old, when in reality she's far older than that. She along with her four sisters are vacationing in Athens Greece. She and her sisters are daughters of Eve and have seen many centuries of life together. There is only one thing that can make the sisters fear and that is the Templar Knights. Templar Knights have hunted the sisters for centuries not leaving them in peace at all. Evelyn is kidnapped outside an Athens nightclub and is brutally tortured and beaten for information she refuses to get her captors ~ a map to Eden which is something that she cannot give. Galiana is murdered, the other two sisters are missing when Evelyn is rescued by a CIA agent named Rhett Nichols. Rhett takes Evelyn into his care and protection where she grudgingly trusts him that is until she sees his Templar Knight Cross Tattoo on his back. Evelyn runs from Rhett but she shoots him and flees the country. Rhett doesn't understand why Evelyn ran from him but he's going to find out. He contacts his dad and brothers with what he's going to do, while they search for Evelyn's friends. His father and brothers learn that another woman is murdered as they find the remaining two woman in Evelyn's party. Rhett finds Evelyn in Vegas and tries to reason with her but with little success. Rhett wants to know why Evelyn ran from him to which Evelyn replies you won't believe me. Can Evelyn trust Rhett? What about Evelyn's sisters? Why do the Templar Knights hunt Evelyn's family? Your answers await you in Sin and Sacrifice.
  • A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood Series #1) on May 23, 2012

    Liora Greyson is a high school senior at Dove Creek High School. She's not like everyone else because she's part human and part demion. She is human during the day and at night she splits into her demion half Lucky. It's Lucky's job to torment humans and collect payments from demons and demions. Lucky's best friend Bones who is part hellhound and incubus ever since the tragedy five years ago. Liora meets Kieron Ambrose and her world and life are not the same. Kieron rescues Lucky from a pair of demons showing her horrors of her past and Liora's. Tatiana is Liora/Lucky's guardian and friend who is blind. Tatiana tells Lucky not pursue the Amazea and that vengeance is not the answer to her problems. Liora/Lucky are both attracted to Kieron in different ways. When Liora finds out that Kieron lied to her she wants nothing to do with him ever again. The same is true for Lucky as well. Can Liora and Lucky forgive Kieron? Will Lucky have the same feelings for Bones? What is Kieron willing to sacrifice? Will Lucky get her revenge? Your answers await you in A Demon Made Me Do It.
  • Howl (Kane Wolves, 1) on May 29, 2012

    Sophie Matthews walks the line of two vastly different worlds one is human and one is werewolf. She accidently shows herself to a human while out hunting. Sophie is stunned when she meets Jaimie Robertson at the Wildlife Conservation Ceenter where her brother Thomas works as vet. All Sophie can think about is how good Jaimie smells to her. The Code of Creation means no wolf can mate with a human but Sophie doesn't understand why its this way. Jaimie is just as attracted to Sophie as she is to him and secretly dates him despite the laws. Sophie can't get enough of him. Someone is killing hikers in the forest around The Matthews home which makes everyone very cautious. A new wolf named Daniel arrives at the Matthews home but Sophie doesn't like or trust him at all. She can't figure out why that why that is. Sophie's twin brother Tristan tells her to careful with Jaimie and Daniel. He doesn't want to see her in trouble for dating Jaimie. Sophie is caught dating Jaimie and is forbidden to see him ever again. Will Sophie see Jaimie again? Can killer be stopped? What are Daniel's intentions? What will become of the Matthews Family? Your answers await you in Howl.
  • Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon (Orgarlan Saga: Book 1) on May 30, 2012

    Lord Ky'debaul of the Cordan Elves is one ruler in the lands of Orgarlan. His magic is failing and he needs the essessence of a silver dragon, a Time Dragon. He makes plans to destroy one by following a Time Dragon thru a rift which brings him to Earth. He also needs a beastmaster to find the Time Dragon. Aaron is a very special girl she can speak to animals especially Keja the dog and Chancy the cat. Aaron is making her preparations for cold winter months. Aaron used to live with her aunt and uncle who have since passed on. Aaron's friend Marshall comes by to check on her and to do some fishing as well. Marshall is always interested in Aaron's inventions. Marshall is also sweet on Aaron too. The Orcs go thru the same rift as Lord Ky'debaul in search of the silver dragon. The Orcs gather information from the wolves about strange visitors to the forest. Keja and Chancy are told by animal friends that Aaron is in danger from strangers to the forest. Aaron and Marshall go to visit their friend Jurgith before heading into town for supplies that Aaron needs. While at Jurgith's all three are kidnapped by Lord Ky'debaul elves for what reason they don't know. Lord Ky'debaul wants Aaron to find the silver dragon for him. What will Keja do? What will Aaron do? Can the Time Dragon be found? Can Aaron and friends be rescued? Your answers await you in Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon.
  • Fire with Fire (Demonblood Series #2) on June 06, 2012

    Liora is half human and Lucky is half demion. Both Liora and Lucky miss Kieron since he's been gone. Lucky's best friend Bones, a hellhound and incubus, tries to help Lucky with her feelings. The demon bar is attacked Bones and Lucky barely escape with their lives. Bones learns that Kieron has been kidnapped and tortured in Hlfaba lands. Liora is taking an interest in a new boy named Tristian at school. He seems to help Liora forget about Kieron for just a little while. Tristian and his sister Cassandra are not who they appear to be. Tatiana is deeply worried about Liora/Lucky. Tatiana doesn't appear to be herself lately much to Liora/Lucky's dismay. Lucky hatches a plan to rescue Kieron from Hlfaba lands which Bones reluctantly agrees to help her. Liora's attraction to Tristian begins to wain. Liora becomes concerned about Corinne not being at school. Corinne tells Liora that she thinks Liora is fading or disappearing before her eyes. But Liora tells Corinne that just isn't possible or is it. Lucky tells Bones about her feelings for him and finds out he feels the same way. The rescue does not go as planned Lucky and company are captured. Lucky is banished from Thiberoux along with Kieron. What does Tristian and Cassandra want? What about Bones? What happens with Liora/Lucky and Kieron? What happens with Corinne? What's next for Liora/Lucky? Your answers await you in Fire With Fire.
  • Reflection on June 23, 2012

    Heather or Heath as her best friend Creed calls her is about to take a very important step in her life since graduating from high school. She's going to college at Washington University starting in four days. Creed isn't happy about Heather leaving yet accepts her reasons why she's doing it this soon. Heather isn't like most young people going off to college she is trying to move forward with her life yet shuts people out of getting to know her better. Since Heather's mom passed away she's afraid of love and friendship Creed knows about Heather. Heather has rules like don't get too close and keep to yourself. All this is about to change when she meets Nick or Hat as she likes to call him. Heather is drawn to him like no else in her whole life except for her mom, Creed, and Grandma V. Nick remains aloof to her while they share two classes together. Heather wants to get to know him yet struggles to do so because of her rules. Heather slowly lets's Nick in yet doesn't tell him the truth about her family for fear he won't love or accept her. Nick likes that Heather fixes things on her own. He doesn't understand the meaning behind the ring Creed gave her. She tells him it's a promise but doesn't explain further. Heather asks Nick to talk about himself yet he counters no promises. Heather has been in an accident and coma yet remembers dreaming about Nick. Where is Nick? Why is Creed here? How long was the coma? Why did Heather dream and think while in a coma? Your answers await you in Reflection.
  • Kings & Queens on June 27, 2012

    Majesty Alistair goes to Cedar Creek High where she helps manage the Colts baseball team and is in drama club. She is secretly in love with her best friend Derek McCarthy. She is also best friends with Alec. Majesty has not been the same since her father's death a couple of months ago. Majesty has befriended Warren Niles who is an outcast and freak to the rest of the school. Warren is not who he appears to be even to his best friend Jase. Both Warren and Derek of things that are not possible or are they. Preston known for his popular parties at his family mansion sets his sight on Majesty. Majesty overhears a plot to shoot up a local church and tries to warn the police but the plotters know she told. Majesty is torn with wanting to find the plotters and being scared for her life. She's kidnapped during the same weekend of the shooting at the church. Majesty is rescued by Warren yet later finds out that he and Jase were killed by police in a early morning arrest. Everyone is stunned by these turn of events. Majesty doesn't trust her mom's companion Paul yet she's not sure why. Majesty meets Don at the baseball semifinals and asks him about spy equipment. What is going on? Who kidnapped Majesty and shot up the church? Who can Majesty really trust? Can Don help Majesty? Your answers await you in Kings & Queens.
  • The Heart's Discovery on July 02, 2012

    Anjaline or Angie Rodriguez led a happy life in Quito, Ecuador with her best friend Claudia and her cousin Jose. She was going to Cotopaxi Academy in the Fall. All of that changes when her stepfather tells her that they moving to Hope Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Her dreams are dash and broken to pieces. She is sure that she won't like anything in Hope Valley. Angie meets Gabriel, Evelyn, Leah, and Elijah Walker along with Seth. She tries making friends but is brushed off and she stops trying. Enter Damien Vega into Hope Valley staying with Karl Dettweiler. Damien becomes Angie's good and only friend which makes Evelyn or Evie very jealous. Damien feels that Angie is the key to gaining more friends in Hope Valley. Gabriel doesn't trust Damien or his actions. Angie thinks of Gabriel as her protector and hero. Will Angie be friends with Gabriel and Evie? What about Damien? Will Angie come to like Hope Valley? Your answers await you in The Heart's Discovery.
  • The Palaver Tree on July 11, 2012

    Ellie Hathaway and Diane Henderson are best friends that share a love for charity work. The Hope Foundation run by Gaberiel Cole seems like a perfect for Ellie after mother's passing. John was in a fatal hit and run accident where there are no leads on who did it. Devastated by both her mother and John's passing, Ellie needs to do something and Gaberiel Cole has just the thing a teaching position in Dunca, Africa. Ellie is excited about her teaching post that will last a year. Meanwhile in the London office of The Hope Foundation, Tiffany works to keep the office running smoothly. Tiffany knows the many moods of Gaberiel Cole and he's clearly unhappy about something but not sure what. Gaberiel acts like Tiffany isn't doing her job good enough. Diane Henderson is keeping two secrets from her husband Neil and she's not sure what to do about either of them. Diane or Di loves hearing about Ellie's work in Dunca. Ellie meets Anna Paxman and Marc Rooyen where she forms deep friendships with both of them. Anna Paxman or Pax shows Ellie around Dunca for good shopping that Hector will not take her too per Gaberiel's orders. Marc helps Ellie fix her garden and pool; there is something building between Marc and Ellie. At the Hope Foundation School, Promise and Suleiman work with the children in separate classes named after fruit such as Mango and Banana. Promise must also work in the office for many hours after school. She hopes that Gaberiel keeps his promise to marry her. Tiffany also hopes that Gaberiel will marry her as planned. Gaberiel Cole is good at making promises to unsuspecting females. Will Di confess her secret? Will Ellie learn the truth about Gaberiel? What about Pax and Marc? Will Tiffany's and Promise's dreams come true? Will Gaberiel be caught? Who is Gaberiel Cole? Your answers await you in The Palaver Tree.
  • Klondaeg The Monster Hunter on July 12, 2012

    Klondaeg the Monster Hunter is a dwarf, that carries King's Rest~his axe, all the while battling undead magma goat. Klondaeg believes his battle with undead magma goat was started by a gnome. Gnomes are not known to be friendly creatures and mostly keep to themselves. Klondaeg is asked to hunt a gnomelobo yet is warned that gnomelobos are dangerous. Klondaeg and Dalvinus work together well and knows the only plan Klondaeg subscribes to is crush them. Dalvinus respects Klondaeg yet wishes he would have more than one plan in his arensal. Dalvinus also talks with the Gods about Klondaeg with his mission to kill all of the monsters. Klondaeg was also hired by Princess Avia for a job. She also fights by Klondaeg side as well. Klondaeg offers up prayers to O'Plenty and Perpleksga before his next series of battles. Can Klondaeg stop the gnomelobo? Can Klondaeg help Princess Avia? Will Klondaeg continue fighting monsters? Your answers await you in Klondaeg the Monster Hunter.
  • The Weeping Empress on July 17, 2012

    Chiyo Alglaeca was living a happy with her husband Michael and their daughter Hannah. When she unexpectedly finds herself in a faraway land of Dashkalil with no memory of how she got there. She meets up with Muhjah and Senka on the road escaping the nyims wrath. Muhjah and Senka are drawn to Chiyo in ways neither can explain. Chiyo does not accept being helpless and tries to change her circumstances for herself and those around her. Senka believes Chiyo is Muhjah's pet project and limits his contact with her. Muhjah starts teaching Chiyo how to defend herself and eventually Senka helps with this as well. Andela secretly worships in the Sacerdosita of Kali and knows of a little known prophecy about the Arm of the Goddess. Andela believes that Chiyo is the Arm of the Goddess. Senka, Muhjah, and Chiyo disrupt the nyims all over Dashkalil but avoid the capital city in their wanderings. Emperor Kenichi is tired of this band of rebels being a thorn in his side. It's time to bring this to an end. Chiyo is captured and tortured at the Emperor's command. Senka and Muhjah rescue Chiyo with the help of Sacerdosita on one condition but neither of them like the condition yet accept it. Will Chiyo ever return to her family? What does Chiiyo think of the condition? Can Senka and Muhjah help Chiyo in her task? What is the ultimate goal of Sacerdosita? Your answers await you in The Weeping Empress.
  • Pandora's Key on July 21, 2012

    Evangeline Theopolis or E to her friends is a teenager who is turning sixteen soon. E with her best friend Melia and Raphe Petersen help E cope with life and other struggles she faces. E has been having strange dreams that are more like nightmares of different women killing themselves in the prime of their lives. E's mother Olivia has been acting strangely lately and E is worried about her. Samatha Harris is Olivia's agent and E's godmother. Malledy is an Archivist and suffering from Huntington's Disease. He is searching for some cure and hope that he can defeat the disease. Malledy is keeping a few secrets of his own from Juliette and the Archivists too. Juliette is Malledy's mentor and follow Archivist that is hiding a secret. She is a member of the Pandora Sect and leading a dual life which is wearing on her these last few years. Malledy has an appointment with Dr. Aali regarding Huntington's Disease. He's hoping for good news but not holding his breathe either. E's world is turned upside down when she finds her mother passed out on her bedroon floor. Dr. Sullivan tells Olivia and E that there isn't much hope. E tries to deny the truth yet it's plain on Dr. Sullivan's face. E is kidnapped and taken hostage by unseen foes in front of Raphe. Raphe asks for Dr. Sullivan's in finding E Dr. Sullivan reluctantly agrees to help. Detective Morrison is searching for Evangeline and Samatha too. Will Olivia get better? Will Juliette be found out? What is Malledy's plan? Will E trust Samatha or Melia? What about Raphe? Will Detective Morrison find E? Your answers await you in Pandora's Key.
  • Underneath on July 29, 2012

    Hugh seems like your average hardworking man that is polite, takes care of himself, and goes to the gym to workout. Hugh seems to blend into the crowd unnoticed which suits him just fine. Constables Clare and Robert are hardworking police officers that are working on seemingly unrelated cases at the grocery store,local college, and missing teenage boy. Abigal meets Hugh on the train and the two meet up for drinks. Abigal briefly sees something lurking behind Hugh's eyes then thinks she imagined it. Abigal and Hugh become close which pleases Hugh. Constables Clare and Robert get a surprising lead from missing teenage boy's friend that he and his friends hang out at an apartment building. The boy says that a creepy guy chases them off. Will Abigal figure out what Hugh is hiding? Will Constables Clare and Robert solve their cases? Where does Hugh fit into all of this? Do you know what is lurking Underneath?
  • Witch Book (Orgarlan Saga: Book 2) on Aug. 23, 2012

    Our story begins with Monika, a young witch, that has to practice in secret thanks to Lord Ky'debaul taking them to his castle. Monika is preparing for her first rite of passage bonding with an imp familiar. She is proud of her binding cloth now finished waiting for Lunar Ceremony. Little does Monika know that her cousin Darmin covets what Monika has. Darmin secretly wants all the attention that their Aunt Grecha lavishes on her cousins Monika and Wenda. Darmin feels that she is the better witch and cannot understand why her Aunt Grecha only teaches Wenda and Monika instead of her. Darmin switches her poorly made binding cloth with Monika's binding cloth then she asks her Aunt Grecha to be included in the Lunar Ceremony in two days time. Aunt Grecha reluctantly agrees to Darmin's request wondering what she's up to now. Monika discovers that the binding cloth she has is not her own yet can't prove it to her Aunt Grecha before the ceremony. The Lunar Ceremony moves forward as plan, Monika knows that her binding cloth is not her own, when the demon Belial appears in sacred circle instead of an imp. Monika is heartbroken and crushed by these turn of events where she flees to her room after the ceremony. Monika is unable to sleep and seeks out a spell to prove that she is not lying about the binding cloth not being the one she made. Wenda warns Monika about proving Darmin switching binding cloths to be dangerous for Monika. The truth is revealed yet Aunt Grecha won't hear of it at all and tells Monika that she can no longer teach her magic. Monika resolves to leave that very day to find a teacher stronger in magic. Monika feels that she is being guided by the Moon Goddess in her quest. Eventually Monika makes her way Cut Back Bay and Paniz's house. Paniz is surprised to find Monika at her doorstep two months earlier than expected but maybe tha is for the best. Paniz slowly teaches Monika about the magic she has within herself. Meanwhile back at Aunt Grecha's, Darmin is seeking more and more magic around her. Wenda stays out of Darmin's way much to Darmin's dismay. Aunt Grecha suddenly dies which frightens Wenda to no end. Wenda sends letters to her brother and Monika about her fears. Darmin is searching for a powerful grimoire called Hestate which has been in her Aunt Grecha's possession and now is nowhere to be found despite Darmin's efforts to finding it. Who are the imp's familiars belong too? Will Darmin find the grimoire? What will Monika learn from Paniz? What does Lord Ky'debaul do about human witches? Can Wenda and Monika escape Lord Ky'debaul's grasp? Will Darmin get what she wants? Your answers await you in Witch Book.
  • What Kills Me on Aug. 28, 2012

    Axelia or Zee as she's called is in Rome to study abroad and is a native of Canada. She loves to take pictures and often loses track of time when she's exploring. She finds herself lost in the city and doesn't have her host family's address or telephone number with her. When an attractive young man asks if she's lost and she honestly admits that yes she is lost. Paolo is very interested in Zee but not for the reasons anyone would expect. Zee agrees to meet with Paolo for the next night but her plans are thwarted by her host family instituting a curfew. Zee's best friend Ryka tells Zee to take a chance to do something risky. Zee decides to take a risk with meeting Paolo yet her world is shattered by what he reveals. Vampires are not myth like Zee has been led to believe and Paolo happens to be one of them. Zee runs from Paolo and ends up falling into a well filled with blood. When Zee climbs out of the well nothing makes any sense to her. The well's guardian Uther tells Zee that she can never she her family again. Zee cries that this isn't fair and why can't she go because you're now a vampire says Uther. Zee is taken before The Monarchy where she is condemned to death right along with Paolo. She escapes with her life and stumbles upon a family. Noel, Jerome, and Lucas are swordsmiths for the Aramatta. Lucas wants nothing to do with Zee. Noel wants to protect Zee from The Monarchy. Can Zee really escape The Monarchy? What is so different about Zee? Can Noel and family protect Zee? What does The Monarchy really fear? Your answers await you in What Kills Me. This book from the get go hooks you in and doesn't let go. The action in the plot moves the story along nicely as well as making you want more of it. I thought the characters both major and minor were well thought out leaving no gaps in the plot. Each character had it's significance and blended well in the ebb and flow of the story. This is why I rated the book four stars out of five stars.
  • Hyde, an Urban Fantasy on Aug. 29, 2012

    Mitchell Turner never Mitch has a deep dark secret. He turns into a monster once a month and can do nothing to stop it. He's a life coach that does speaking engagements all over the world. His faithful and reliable assistant Jolie Cabot keeps Mitchell on schedule among other things like keeping him drugged with a serum to keep who he calls Hyde in check. Mitch has a wild night of sex with a hot chick and wonders when he can see her again. Only to find out, she is freaking out that she's in bed with a stranger and doesn't remember having sex withMitch at all. She claims that she was sleepwalking which pisses Mitch off. Eden Colfax is freaking out and can't explain her behavior at all. Eden also has a secret she turns into a monster and doesn't know why. Eden keeps ending up at Mitch's doorstep after Chastity has been let out. Mitch is fit to be tied by Eden's actions yet he can't deny that there is something between them. Jolie is angry and jealous of Eden yet wants to find a way to elimate the competition. Eden's best friend Carter wants a relationship with Eden that is more than friendship. Eden only thinks of Carter as a friend. Jolie is being threatened by her bosses to make sure that Eden and Mitch get together on their own or they'll step in. Who are Jolie's other bosses? Can Mitch accept Hyde? Can Eden accept Chastity? Will Mitch and Eden get together? What about Jolie and Carter? Your answers await you in Hyde.
  • Echo Island on Oct. 05, 2012

    Cassandra or Cass Anders Allard has been a vampire for over 700 years now. Cass and her partner Katerina Jones in the Mirror Warriors Organization are going to the Fundur that happens once every 100 years along with their fellow Mirror Warriors. Cass has her eye on Mimic Sector Shapeshifter named Harper Donnelly and the same could be said for him as well. Harper or Harp carefully watches the Vamp from afar but can't help but be intrigued by her. Harp is the youngest Mirror Warrior among the group yet that doesn't mean he's less powerful either. They are all heading to an island that is owned by Halsey, an Unknown, that will do everything in his power to see that Fundur goes smoothly. Before Fundur gets fully under way, Callan and Orabelle are attacked by unknown person or persons which sets everyone on edge. The only clue to the attacks is the scent of sulfur that is left behind. As Cass and rest of the Mirror Warriors try to figure out what is going on yet are not having any luck either. Cass and Harp share a mutual attraction to each other that neither can really explain to themselves. Both want to find their one true mate yet are sadly disappointed when the mating mark doesn't appear on either of them. When two more people are attacked with the scent of sulfur still the only clue. Cass wants to find out what is going on as much as the next person but with so little to go on. Can they really find out what is going on? Will Cass allow her feelings to cloud her judgement? What will Harper do about his own feelings? Who is attacking Mirror Warriors and why? Your answers await you in Echo Island.
  • Bits of Cargill on Oct. 08, 2012

    Bits of Cargill is a collection of vignettes that are full of satire, humor, and otherwise making you think the ideas thru. Some of my favorites include Beauty Baggins's Horoscopes that just make you shake your head and chuckle for instances:Her Olympic Horoscopes where she thought she'd have a chance to go for walk instead of watching the games. Also her Christmas and New Year's horoscopes shared tiny bits of truth. Another favorite is Nurse Ratched that's right Nurse Ratched. Her thoughts on everyday life problems make you wonder if she's happy with her lot in life. Nurse Ratched dispensed with harsh critism ans sarcasm against her fellow man or woman. Honestly she thoughts made me chuckle and shake my head not in disgust or hate but in relief that it wasn't me she was talking too. Like the author's works, he shows great care in weaving a story that is believable, funny, and genuine. My personal on this work is if your in the mood for satire and good shaking of your head kind at some of the nonsense people tell each other and themselves yet don't believe it themselves. I'm definitely looking for to this author's next book.
  • Embrace - Kane Wolves, #2 on Oct. 20, 2012

    Sophie Matthews is trying to adjust to the changes of being an Alpha wolf while rebuilding and repairing the damage done by Jason Larsen. She feels at times that she's not getting anywhere and others it seems to be working. Only one loose end can make or break both packs~Daniel. Daniel was told to leave by Sophie and never come back yet she's offering him a choice to do just that. Daniel is unsure of Sophie's motives yet decides to take her up on her offer much to the dismay of her twin brother Tristian. Sophie had to break off her relationship with Jamie for both of their sakes yet wants to remain friends with him. Sophie is unsure of how she feels about Daniel yet wonders if he's her mate. Sophie receives a text about more murders in the human world around the Virginia and Georgia forest areas and agrees to look into it. Sophie feels that she should convene Lycos Council about the situation which is greeted unhappily by other Alphas. Magda is stirring up trouble within the pack and is unhappy about Daniel's reappearance. Sophie names Tristian as her Beta yet he reluctantly does his job as Beta. Daniel steps in as a natural Beta. Everyone knows about the Blood Wars yet no one person knows the whole truth of it either. Daniel asks Sophie if she knows that she's the great-granddaughter of Joren Eisler and wonders what Granddad really knows. Sophie asks Granddad about the truth and is stunned by what he tells the whole family. Magda's father Albion makes unexpected visit to the Matthews house about the attacks on humans and convening of Lycos Council. Who is behind these attacks? Where is Joren Eisler now? Can Sophie admit her feelings for Daniel? Will Daniel confess his feelings to Sophie? What will happen at the Lycos Council? Your answers await you in Embrace.
  • Midnight Curse (The Witchlings #1) on Oct. 27, 2012

    Like most books about witches, this one was a coming of age tale that could have been redundant in the telling yet it was not. All of the characters were likeable,flawed, love/hate status, and friendly too. The story was skillfully woven with just the right amount of backstory without it being over done or tossed out like breadcrumbs~a piece at a time which can drive you crazy. The pacing of the story was just beautiful it wasn't rushed or force at all. It was a true page turner because you just had to know what happened next it was that good. Everything flowed together in such a way that you were anxious for more until you finished the book. Here are my thoughts: Roxanne(Roxy) Taylor has just moved into another town to attend another new school with just her dad. Roxy's mother left when she was just four years old. She keeps hoping that this will be her last move yet she's not holding her breathe either. She meets Amber, who takes her under wing, at school and the two become friends quickly. When Roxy spys a group of good looking individuals known as The Elites. She becomes fascinated by Luke and the feeling is definitely mutual much to the dismay of one member. Luke and Roxy become close quickly. Yet Roxy knows that Luke is hiding something from her just not sure what. Every year for Roxy's birthday, she's wished to see her mother yet this year's wish is different. Luke mysteriously disappears and no one has heard from him. Roxy learns some interesting news about her mother and confronts her father with what she's learned. Roxy receives even more stunning news~her mother wants to see her and she's also a witch. Roxy has a lot to learn about her heritage, being a witch, and staying clear of the witch finders too. Where is Luke? Do the witch finders have him? Can Roxy handle the truth? Will she accept being a witch? Your answers await you in The Witchlings Midnight Curse. I have to say that I truly despised Mr. Smith from the get go. He struck me as the type of person who finds no joy in anything and everything that he does. It's almost like he has unreasoning hate for people in general. He always appeared to be angry about everything and nothing at the same time. It was like he lived and breathed hate in all of it's forms. How does a person cope in the face of all that? Simply put you learn to ignore it and pray that the person gets over themselves soon. At least that is my take on how to deal with The Mr. Smith's of the world.
  • Kitsune-Tsuki on Oct. 28, 2012

    Tsurugu no Kiyomori is asked to protect the daimyou's new wife from harm by kitsune that has purportedly roaming the country side. Daimyou wishes that his new wife be protected thru Tsurugu's services as an onmyouji. He must work hand and hand with Kagemura no Shishio Hitoshi or as Ookami to provide protection at all costs. Kitsune-Tsuki is proving hard to catch and very little clues have been found as proof of it's existence either. Ookami is starting to suspect someone as the kitsune and tries to get Tsurugu to help him find the proof that is needed. Kitsune is blamed for a young village girl being possessed with fox spirit even if the accusation proven false. Daimyou's wife Kaede comes under suspicion as the kitsune with very little proof for such a claim. Will Ookami find the kitsune? Will the village girl go home? What is Tsuruga's plan? Your answers await you in Kitsune-Tsuki
  • The Blood Slave on Nov. 04, 2012

    Devon, is an ex-soldier, that is tired of same old sex scenes with women. He wants more which means he desires a man in ways that he can only imagine. When he's invited to a costume party hoping to end the night with someone special. Jake, a vampire, has been looking for a blood slave since his last one run off with his ex-girlfriend. He's a tattooed badass that has new neck tat which is smoking hot. Tiff, the tattoo artist, would really like to have piece of whatever Jake is offering. Jake wants to her to join him at the costume party which makes Tiff really happy. Devon chooses a Spartan costume and everyone notices him. Devon needs a drink and to get away from April as well. Devon cannot help but notice Jake his heart begins to race just looking at Jake. Jake cannot believe how sexy the guy in Spartan costume is and wants to get to know him. Devon buys Jake a drink and is stunned by Jake's surprisingly sexy voice. Devon continues to be polite to any of the women throwing themselves at him which surprises Jake. Jake becomes surprisingly jealous when thinking about Devon. When a friendly game of spin the bottle turns the heat up on both Jake and Devon with startling results. Will Devon finally get his wish? Will Jake make Devon's dreams come true? Will Devon believe in Jake? What does the future hold for Devon and Jake? Your answers await you in The Blood Slave.
  • Shadow of the Oak (A Sal Van Sleen Novella) on Nov. 06, 2012

    What can I say this book is a great mystery to be read at any age. The story, characters, and background were cleverly woven together. I just love how the main character Sal tries to pull one over on everybody whether he succeeds or fails. Personally I rooted for his best pal Billy to get ahead of Sal's scheming ways. Here are my thoughts: Sal Van Sleen, is your typical teenage boy, who tries to get out of doing the things he's suppose too. He has his eye on a special girl who as yet to notice his attentions. He and his pal Billy were working on creating a comic book along with Becca(Sal's crush). Billy tries to bounce ideas off Sal for their comic book characters yet is annoyed that Becca isn't there to help them as planned. When Becca finally shows up her sister Chrissy is also along with her. Chrissy is unexpectedly hurt and no one knows the cause of her illness. Yet Sal with Billy's help goes in search of a cure for Chrissy. It seems to be a race against the clock to save Chrissy's life and solve the mystery. What hurt Chrissy? Will Sal admit his feelings for Becca? Can Billy and Sal find what hurt Chrissy? Your answers await you in Shadow of the Oak.
  • Immortal Prophecy on Nov. 09, 2012

    Alessandra(Ally) DeCosta knows what it's like to suffer loss. When her parents were killed five years ago. Ally isn't the same person after their deaths she keeps everyone at arms length including her grandmother Adele and her best friend Kathryn(Kat). She's become a private investigator because she's seeking the truth always. Ally's life is threatened by a strange man and rescued by handsome stranger. The strange man is called Vincent, who happens to be a vampire, determined to kill Ally before she can fulfill the prophecy. Handsome stranger, who is Ally's protector and soul mate, is James Carlisle. He's been waiting for the day that Ally will become his yet is worried about what Vincent will do next. Ally knows nothing about the prophecy or her future as an immortal. Ally is stunned by her attraction to James. Ally's safety is threatened, so James and Adele move Ally to Scotland until the danger is past. Ally is hurt, upset, and angry with Adele and James for keeping secrets from her. She tries to cope with all of these changes and wants alittle distance to figure things out. Ally also has dreams which seem to be based in reality. When Kat is kidnapped Ally wants to go to her rescue but wants a plan of attack before setting out. Can Kat be rescued? What do Ally's dreams mean? Will Ally accept being an immortal? Will Ally forgive James and Adele? Your answers await you in Immortal Prophecy. What I found fascinating about this book is that the immortal can be killed or severely damaged. The powers these immortal have are really incredible to behold:creating fireballs, read minds, control minds, and so much more. I loved watching Ally's internal struggle from the beginning to the end of the book! She really was a breathe taking character to watch grow. She is real, believable, and has insecurities just like everyone else. I wasn't too sure about James from the beginning then I watched his devotion and care for Ally truly a mind blowing experience. Vincent is really the guy you love to hate from the get go. I really want to see where this story is going. I'll be watching out for the next installment.
  • The Alpha's Mate on Dec. 07, 2012

    Elizabeth Reynolds never thought of herself as beautiful or sexy just an ordinary Plain Jane. Her overbearing mother has driven Elizabeth to rebel with everything that she has and thensome thru small sacrifices. Elizabeth is hoping for a new start in Rabbit Creek will change her outlook on life. When Elizabeth is involved in a car crash her world turned upside down by the sight of a sexy stranger. Marshall Goodman didn't know what to expect upon meeting Elizabeth yet found himself fascinated all the same. Marshall thinks that Lizzie is just his kind of woman whether she knows it or not. Elizabeth wants to correct Marshall for using the nickname Lizzie yet can't seem to mind so very much either. Trouble is afoot in Rabbit Creek, Elizabeth finds herself smack dab in the middle of it. She learns that werewolves are real and not bothered by it either. Marshall and company all marvel over Elizabeth's easy acceptance that she's living in a community of werewolves. Elizabeth keeps on surprising the people of Rabbit Creek. Who is causing trouble in Rabbit Creek? Will Marshall admit his feelings? Will Elizabeth move out of her comfort zone? Your answers await you in The Alpha's Mate. I love reading about wolves in any form! I love the uniqueness of wolf lore and traditions presented in the story. Elizabeth is such a wonderful relatable character that I would like to call a friend just by her nature alone. Marshall is ruggedly handsome, loyal, honest, and hopeful old soul of a man. What makes this story so special and unique is that the characters from beginning to end were so real and honest how could you not love them. I look forward to enjoying more of this author's work in the future.
  • Preston's Mill (A Contemporary Romance) on Dec. 23, 2012

    Meg Hanson is trying to get her life back together after her divorce from her husband of eight years. She's lost weight, depressed, lonely, and at a complete loss for what to do next. Meg's father Jeb Hanson just wants to see Meg happy again and suggests that she visit his Aunt Annie in Prestons Mill. Meg jumps at the chance to get away from her mother's idea of getting over her broken marriage. Meg arrives in Prestons Mill and stunned by how peaceful life seems to be here. Meg meets Annie at Downtown Cafe where Meg learns how to come back to the land of the living again. Annie makes sure theat Meg doesn't have time to think about the past with chores and jobs which add to the healing process. JT Preston remembers Meg from childhood yet finds the woman he sess in Meg much more appealing. JT finds reasons to be around Meg yet can't believe that Meg's ex-husband mmissed out on her true beauty. JT is fighting the ghosts of his past and running from his future at the same time. JT can't believe that Meg sees past all of his hurts, pain, and self-loathing to the core of the man. Meg settles into life in Prestons Mill making friends, working hard, and trying to have a relationship with JT. Strange accidents and happenings are occurring thru out Prestons Mill yet no one knows why. Will Meg learn to be free of her past? Can JT lay his ghosts to rest? Will Meg really leave Prestons Mill? Will JT admit his feelings? You're answers await you in Preston's Mill. I just love how the author wove this story together. I really experienced an emotional rollercoaster with each and every character thru out the whole book. I really understood where each character was coming from and why. I'm so looking forward to the author's next installment for this series. I'll happily read more of this author's work. Don't just take my word for it see for yourself.
  • Horizon on Jan. 22, 2013

    This quick read follows like the rest of Surrender Series. A husband and wife try to spice of their sex life. While the husband thinks that he's going to be in charge his wife has other ideas. Adam is unsure what to make of his wife Helena's idea to dominant him in the bedroom. Adam seeks the advice of female domme about his reservations that he's having. The female domme advises him to talk with his wife to learn what is at the heart of this idea. Adam doesn't keep secrets from his wife letting her know that he met with female domme. Helena is stunned by this admission and tries to be understanding. Adam explains his qualms about this idea. Helena treats his concerns with understanding and love. Can Adam really submit to Helena? Why does Helena want control? Your answers await you in Horizon
  • The Witchlings Blood Moon on Jan. 31, 2013

    Book exchanged for an honest review~ Roxanne (Roxy) Taylor has only been a witch for a couple months. Roxy's boyfriend Luke by her side can do anything and not be bothered by The Elites. When a blood moon appears in the sky above Holbrook everyone that is a witch scrambles to find out the meaning of this. Catherine is leader of Holbrook Witches fears the blood moon's meaning along with recent fire to her ancestral home by witch finders. Witch finders are lead by Mr. Smith who will do anything and everything to see any witch destroyed no matter the cost or who gets hurt. Witch finder Loretta who is also Amber's mother. Loretta cannot believes these events lead her back to Catherine after all these years since Ethan's death. Loretta has been sent by The Witch Finder's Council to report back on Mr. Smith's activities. The Blood Moon brings strange events that cannot be explained but answers must be found. Catherine is dying and nothing can be done about it but she must leave letters for Howard, Roxy, and Luke with instructions. Roxy is hit hard by Catherine's death to the point of being inconsolable. Luke doesn't like seeing Roxy like this but doesn't know how to help her. Brooke is trying to cope with Catherine's death because she was like a second mother to her. What is the meaning behind the Blood Moon? What does Catherine know? Can Roxy find the strength to move forward? Your answers await you in Blood Moon. This is the second installment of the Witchlings Series. I honestly didn't think any more secrets could be found in this book. Boy was I wrong, Amber's mom being a witch finder and Catherine's soul being tainted. I have more questions after answers were given for other questions. I'm excited to see where the next book leads too. I'm anxiously waiting for the next book by this author.
  • There Can't Be Shadows Without Light (Druantia's Children - Book Three) on Feb. 01, 2013

    Book exchanged for an honest review~ Druantia's children are gifted with magical gifts that help them to important tasks like finding missing children or helping a young woman regain control of her life. Susan Andrew doesn't know what to do or where to turn except for O'Byrne's a family of witches for help. Susan is missing periods of time, feels like she's having odd memories, and on the verge of mental breakdown with O'Byrne's help. Natilie is gifted with sight but her new powerful gift of astral projection is literally tearing her apart from inside out. She needs to be able to take care of her daughter Tawny. Natilie has created a persona called The Raven when dealing with F.B.I. agent Jessica Hughe. Together they have solved many missing children cases and their next case will prove unsettling to all. Natilie encounters Thymane, a Daemon, creator of moon blade but isn't sure what to make of him. Will Susan get her life back? What happens during the next case? What will happen between Natilie and Thymane? Your answers await you in There Can't Be Shadows Without Light. A very interesting twist about how magic is bestowed on one family with many branches. I love the interaction between the family in mindspeech. Druantia is truly unique character that is bold and strong at the same time. I'll be interested to see what happens next.
  • Chef's Delight (Stories of Serendipity) on Feb. 11, 2013

    Book exchanged for an honest review~ Jessica (Jessie) Stillwell hasn't had much luck with men in her life. Her ex Chad has beaten her up all in the name of love. She runs Stillwell Dairy Farm which has goats, orchards, and a greenhouse with vegetables that she hopes to sell in the local town of Serendipity, Texas. Jessie usual mode of operation with guy's is meet them, have sex, and leave but she's wondering if this style is really working for her. Connor Wright moved from Houston, Texas to Serendipity for a fresh start away from his psycho ex-wife Brandy because she could leave him alone to have a life of his own. Connor and Brandy share a child named Maddie but Connor isn't allowed to see her because of Brandy's machination. Connor has put all of his money into getting his restaurant Estelle's off the ground but he's having nothing but problems at the moment. Connor's brother Luke is a contractor and helping him out where he can. One of Connor's supplier's flakes out on him and he needs a new supplier fast when Kathy suggests he try Stillwell Dairy Farm. Needless to say things don't go as Connor planned when meeting Jessie for the first time but the spark between them is undeniable. Jessie is mortified about her behavior towards Connor and gives him some of her products to Connor as an apology. The other problem Connor is having is strange things happening like music that's not there and a silver mirror showing up where it's not wanted. Will Connor forgive Jessie? Will Connor admit his attraction to Jessie? Will Chad realize he's not wanted? Will Jessie get the business she's hoping for? Your answers await you in Chef's Delight. Chef's Delight was a true joy to read for a new to me author. I loved all of the characters for their flaws, quirks, and special something ~ a page turner. I loved the story and how it was crafted. I especially loved the unique twists provided by the author. I will definitely be looking forward to my next story by this author. Until next time happy reading!
  • Strong Blood (Last Moon Rising #2) on Feb. 23, 2013

    Haley is still learning who she can trust and still doesn't have any answers either. She keeps finding herself in dreamstate battling Ian. She also meets Mystery Boy in dreamstate. In dreamstate Haley learns about another Eyid Stone in the Tamoor region. Haley tries to shield herself from others and dreamstate but isn't having any luck. Tuggin and Elana are hiding something from Haley. Tuggin tells Haley not to trust anyone including him. Yet Haley can't help how she feels about Tuggin and wonders if he feels the same way. Haley makes new acquaintances with Luke and Telsa. Luke appears to understand that Haley is lonely for some companionship. Haley also searches for her brother Axel. Who is Mystery Boy? Where is Axel? Will Ian leave Haley alone? Can Haley control her dreamstate? Who can Haley really trust? Will Eyid Stone be found? Your answers await you in Strong Blood. In this second installment, we learn more about Eyid Stones, Eyid~emos, and Eyid's themselves. Haley is still a very enjoyable character that continues to grow and change even if other's like Tuggin think she's a child. I find that Tuggin intrigues me in several ways:first in his manner; second in his voice like it's the voice of reason; and lastly in how he relates to others. I'm hoping we get to learn more about Tuggin as person and Menta. I look forward to the next installment in this series.
  • In Gods' Hands on March 25, 2013

    Cassandra (Cassie) Tracy catches her boyfriend cheating on her and runs out into the streets of Tuscany during Carnival. She wonders what's gonna happen now that she has no place to live and no boyfriend either. She wants to forget she ever met her boyfriend. Cassie nearly runs over a stranger with her ex-boyfriend's Constantina. Cassie never expected to find such passion and fire with this hansome stranger. Will Cassie forgive her boyfriend? Who is this handsome stranger? Can Cassie find the passion within herself again? This is great quick read that can get you hot under the collar and bedroom too. I totally related to Cassie. The handsome strangers were smoking hot.
  • Grace Under Fire on April 03, 2013

    Grace Moore is a Summoner that uses the Weave to protect humanity from Vistors. Grace has worked hard to be the fastest with runes during summoning. Grace's hometown of Seattle has it's own Grove and everyone does their part. Tragedy has struck Spokane Grove and it's up to Grace to find out the cause before something else happens. Grace arrives in Spokane but things are far more worse when seeing the scope of damage to the Grove. Grace tests the Weave finding it full of holes and possible location of Vistor. Robert Lorents is in foster care, enjoys playing his saxophone, and has major crush on Jeanelle Harris. Robert is thrilled that Jeanelle accepts his affection and attention. Robert feels the sting of betrayal that leaves him resentful and angry. Robert's world is about to become so unpredictable when a nasty Vistor zeros in on him. Grace spies a teenage boy staring open mouthed at the Vistor charging towards him. Grace saves Robert's life and discovers that he's also a Summoner with alot of power. What really happened to Spokane Grove? Can Grace repair the damage to the Weave? Will Robet become an apprentice? Can the Vistor be stopped? Your answers await you in Grace Under Fire. I really enjoyed this book. It's a great start to the series. A very easy read. I especially liked Grace. She had such passion and charisma that was a pleasure from beginning to end. I found myself wanting to read just one more chapter to get to the end fast. I will definitely be looking out for the next installment in the series.
  • Summer Storm on April 16, 2013

    Falen is young woman that loves everything to do with science much to her father's dismay. Falen is a princess of Variss. Falen rescues a man from the river but never expected what happened next. The stranger named Nashir seems to be an honest fellow and genuinely interested in what Falen does. Falen's father King Beorl Godwinsson doesn't understand why Falen doesn't like to do womanly things like flower arranging and sewing. Things have been particularly difficult since Falen's mother Queen Anna's passing four years ago. Falen may look like her mother but certainly doesn't act like her. Falen hopes to be accepted to Ral Toran Engineering Academy based on her experiments. A significant change occurs within The King yet Falen is worried all the same. Who is Nashir really? What other changes are happening with the King? Will Falen be accepted? Your answers await you in Summer Storm. A very enjoyable read that was fast paced. This book is what I call a page turner because you have to know what happens next. I also thought this is a great beginning to a series. I completely understood Falen's frustration at not being heard by her father. I found that it was refreshing to see how well the characters drove the story to it's fast paced ending. I will definitely look for more of this author's work.
  • The Undead Heart (#1 in the Blood Thirst Series) on May 10, 2013

    Rebecca (Beck) Stockdale is an unusual young woman. Her parents call her a freak because she wants to study parapsychology. Beck's older sister Bev and "The Man" have been her constant supports through out her life in ways that her parents never will be. Beck's life changes the day "The Man" decides to tell her who he really is to her. Beck's life will never be the same again and she likes it that way. "The Man" is really Richard Beck's mate. Richard is really a vampyre and knows that to drink Beck's blood is poison to him and other vampyre's like him. Richard tells Beck that his all alone except for his brother Leso since the rest of his family is dead. Beck wants to change this for Richard and Leso for all the happiness they've brought her. Only one thing can put a damper on this idea vampyre named Elderson. Can Beck truly bring back Richard and Leso's family? How is this accomplished? What about Elderson? Your answers await you in The Undead Heart. I loved the vampyre lore presented in this story! It follows most of traditional vampyre lore but with truly unique twists not yet explored by other authors. Hands down the best character in this story has to be Beck. She literally does not put up with other people's personal hang ups which other people stumble over into big drama. I appreciate how the author handle alot of aspects in this story that could have been real stumbling blocks. I look forward to the next installment in the series.
  • Everwinter on May 27, 2013

    Engineer Bramwell (Bram) Tully lives in Ral Tora and loves to puzzle new ideas out. Bram doesn't see himself much like the other engineers yet does his best at what he's doing at the time. Fellow Engineer Falen Godwinsson, a native of Variss, is highly skilled engineer and requested to do a project with Bram. Falen will mostly likely do all the figuring then only let Bram help when it suits her. Engineer Rassus sends Bram out on errands to keep him busy. A surprising vistor from Variss appears at the North gate much to the surprise of the residents of Ral Tora and especially Falen with some surprising news. Meanwhile a delegation from Chellin is sailing for Ral Tora in hopes of alliance and something more. Regal Astrid searches for something hidden in the city on which all future plans will flow. What is so special about Bram? What message is from Variss? What will Falen do? What are the true motives of Regal Astrid? Your answers await you in Everwinter. I thought the prequel Summer Storm showed the dire straights the lands surrounding Variss would suffer but never could I imagine this~broken people and broken hope. Everwinter is so aptly named that it's not surprising the endless winter has fallen upon Ral Tora. I'm fascinated byt the relationship with Bram and Falen. I look forward to seeing how that develops. I'll definitely be interested in reading next book in series.
  • After The Darkness: Episode One on July 12, 2013

    Calcane City is not a friendly place to live yet it's all fourteen year old Nadia's got. Nadia knows that any time soon they will be coming for her. Yet she doesn't have anywhere else to go either. Thomas Thumb and Percy Bright are sent out to retrieve dead or alive. Thomas isn't afraid of pocketing more money amongst other things. Percy doesn't want any part of this yet doesn't stop it either. Who would believe him any way. Percy's wife demands more and more which means collecting more and more debt. Where does Nadia end up? What is Thomas' role? When will it all stop? Your answers await you in After The Darkness:Episode One.
  • After The Darkness: Episode Three on July 18, 2013

    Nadia escapes her life at the hostel and joins up with a resistance type group promising to get her to Percy Bright. Nadia makes friends with tribe member Colby. They are traveling an old railroad tunnel to reach Sector 3. Percy's life descent into further debt from bad bet gambling. He's clearly over his head but doesn't see any way out of until his daughter mentions factional festival. Will Nadia make it to Section 3? What is Nadia hiding? Will Percy come clean about this new debt? What is important about factional festival? Your answers await you in After the Darkness:Episode Three.
  • After The Darkness: Episode Four on July 18, 2013

    Nadia and Colby make their way toward Section 3 and only have seven days to get back. Colby wants to believe Nadia about her quest for her sister but fears that it's all a lie on her part. Nadia tells Colby the absolute truth about searching for her sister. She truly believes that Mila can be found. Nadia doesn't want to be punished any more than Colby does but she has to take the risk in finding her sister. Will Nadia and Colby reach their destination? Will Nadia actually find Percy? Your answers await you in After the Darkness:Episode Four.
  • Klondaeg and the Klondaeg Hunters on July 28, 2013

    Klondaeg is obessed with hunting monsters until they're all gone. It appears that Klondaeg may have some competition in the monster hunting department. Someone is trying to organize the monsters against Klondaeg calling themselves~The Klondaeg Hunters. Even Klondaeg's friends question his motitives in monster fighting. Klondaeg learns Clayburn's secret and becomes greatly upset not knowing if he can trust him ever again. Klondaeg gets sidetracked from his mission by fairy queen, an elf, gnomes, and talking swords. Can Klondaeg forgive Clayburn? Will the Klondaeg Hunters find Klondaeg? Will Klondaeg give up monster hunting? Your answers await you in Klondaeg and the Klondaeg Hunters. This is a very interesting second installment where Klondaeg doubts his purpose as monster hunter. Klondaeg's friends have serious doubts and questions for Klondaeg but even he doesn't have all the answers. I love this character for his clear purpose even if he doubts himself. Klondaeg has unique perspective that not many characters get or perceive themselves. I adore Klondaeg's friends for helping him thru this unusual time in his life. I look forward to the next installment.
  • Undefeated (Complete Series books 1-4) on Oct. 08, 2013

    I never knew the things I learned while reading this book about MMA. I have to say I'm fascinated the whole world that revolves around the fighting and skill it takes to compete at this level. I loved the rich history and characters involved was completely sucked into their stories. I think my favorite story was Paul and Jack's because they each lost so much to another person making them vulnerable in ways the other characters didn't. The other characters in the book were just as good but don't hold a candle to Paul and Jack. I will definitely look forward to more stories by this author.
  • Erotic Seduction on March 02, 2014

    Isobel is a neglected woman by her husband Peter. She starts having an affair with Jay. All she wants is someone to pay attention to her even for just a little while. She doesn't care how she gets that attention just that she gets it. Will she get that attention? What will Jay do with her?
  • The Druid Series, 1-3: Reapers, Bled and Harvest on March 02, 2014

    Interesting series of books. I like the concept very much. Very steamy leaving you hot and bothered as well. Definitely looking forward to more of this series and author.