Zorro Daddy


Give me the moment and I'll tell you a tale.
Give me a lifetime and I'll show you a saga.

I’m a storyteller, a writer, a “Daddy” and a nightowl who makes good use of the calm and the quiet of 3 am, scribbling ABDL romance stories on a piece of paper when not taking late night road trips to Wal-Mart.

An author of ABDL romance and erotic stories. Likes to focus in on the storyline, making it as compelling and as realistic as the characters. His stories always include a dominant male and a submissive female.

I like to spend a lot of time detailing the thoughts and thought process of the characters, particularly the female. Each story in a series is written with the intent of showing a progression of the couple's relationship, making it possibly for them to discover more about each other and explore the desires of their hearts at a level which is deeper, more personal and more meaningful.

ABDL will always be the base of my author's soul, bu I like to include humiliation, embarrassment, spankings, thrills and such - perhaps a little more BDSM than ABDL.

Pulling from my life experiences as a "Daddy" as well as the future within my soul, there's always a story in my head and I will always write stories and every word will be a piece of my heart.

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