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Smashwords book reviews by Amber Carroll

  • Following My Toes on April 14, 2011

    A fun interesting read about a girl who decides to start over in a new place. She meets some interesting people who become deeply involved in her life. Interesting characters who have a great interaction with each other.
  • Entangled in Darkness on April 20, 2011

    Annalyn is a new university student with a bright future ahead of her. Always at the top of her class she looks forward to university and her newfound independence with great excitement. She is ready to break away from her family and her dad's extreme moodiness. After only a couple days at university Annalyn feels a crushing depression that leaves her unable to get out of bed. This book is an amazingly heartbreaking and intense story of a family's struggle with mental illness. This story is a fascinating look into mental illness and how it affects not only the person dealing with the illness but the entire family as well.
  • Bridesmaid Lotto on April 25, 2011

    After being entered by her mother, Josie is one of four women selected to be a bridesmaid for a socialite and her fiance. Josie is completely against the idea but goes along with it when her mom offers her an incentive she can't say no to. Josie spends the next three months in a whirlwind of glitz, glamour and spotlight. This book is a great read, the characters are fun and it is easy to get wrapped up in. Great for a beach read or just a fun entertaining read.
  • Guardian of Eden on May 01, 2011

    Garrett has spent his whole life protecting his younger sister Eden. He has been there for her while at times their mother has not. He has kept his sister safe and fed throughout her childhood. Now something has happened that he did not protect her from and he needs to make it right. This is a powerful and moving book about the love of siblings and the lengths they will go to protect each other.
  • The Queen Bee of Bridgeton on May 09, 2011

    Sonya and Sasha are sisters who live in a rough neighborhood. After many years of persistance Sasha gets admitted to Bridgeton, a well known and highly elite school. Sasha encourages her sister to apply and Sonya ends up attending Bridgeton as well, but never really fits in. Sasha and Sonya hide from their classmates that they are poor and even go so far as to hide where they live from everyone, even their boyfriends. When Sonya crosses the "Bitch Brigade" (an elite and highly secretive group of girls who essentially run the school) they do everything in their power to destroy everything that is important to her, her boyfriend, her dancing, and her future. This book is a great read!
  • Dirty Little Angels on May 12, 2011

    Hailey is a teenage girl in the middle of a crazy life. Her dad has been out of work for months, her mother barely gets out of bed and her brother has been arrested several times. Hailey loves her brother and spends much of her time with him and his friends, this tends to get her into sticky situations. This is a very intense story about a family in turmoil.
  • Mental Shrillness on May 12, 2011

    An interesting collection of short stories. Some left me confused and somewhat disturbed but I was definitely entertained. A very quick and entertaining read, may not be for everyone.
  • Burden Kansas on May 15, 2011

    When something starts attacking the cattle in a small town in Kansas everyone gets worried. These attacks don't look like anythingn they have seen before. Keith, a loner of a rancher, discovers what has been attacking his cattle and tries to use it to his advantage. It seems that Keith's past will come back to haunt him and even threatens those he loves the most. This book draws you in and keeps you wanting to turn the page.
  • Priscilla the Great on May 28, 2011

    Priscilla is a typical teenage girl, except for the small thing of being able to shoot fire from her fingers. When Priscilla discovers she has superpowers no one is more surprised than her. This is a fantastic story of the adventures of a teenaged supergirl and her family. I enjoyed each and every page...a must read in my opinion!
  • Priscilla the Great on May 28, 2011

    Priscilla is a typical teenage girl, except for the small thing of being able to shoot fire from her fingers. When Priscilla discovers she has superpowers no one is more surprised than her. This is a fantastic story of the adventures of a teenaged supergirl and her family. I enjoyed each and every page...a must read in my opinion!
  • Priscilla the Great: The Kiss of Life (Book #2) on May 28, 2011

    More adventures await Priscilla, her family and friends in their effort to stop Colonel Selliwood Dr. Witherall. After moving from their home in Pennsylvania Priscilla and her family try to keep a low profile, but somehow trouble continues to find them. A great sequal to Priscilla the Great, I enjoyed this one as much as the previous and I am excited to see what adventures come next for Priscilla!
  • The Eyes that See - A Prelude to the Balancer Chronicles on May 30, 2011

    As a preview to the Balancer Chronicles, this definitely left me wanting more. I am hooked by the plot line of the balancers being around to keep the mythical creatures in check. I will definitely be checking out the first novel.
  • Hot Ticket (Ticket Trilogy #1) on July 26, 2011

    Juliet is a sixth grader on a mission. Her mission is to find out who is distributing Hot Tickets to her classmates and to find out why she hasn't gotten any. This mission of Juliet's finds her in some trouble, but it also helps her make some new friends. A very cute young adult story, a good read!
  • The Paperboys Club on July 28, 2011

    Sam is a detective trying to get a promotion to sargent. In order to do that she has to solve a cold case, the murder of a little boy from 5 years ago. Sam is stuck and her leads are getting her nowhere. Until a chance meeting with Clarence gives her some hope. A good book, fast read...highly recommended
  • Friends of Choice (Wings from Ashes, #1) on July 28, 2011

    Karla has to move to a new town because of her father's job. Karla generally has a hard time making friends but this time around it seems easy...almost too easy. This story has a good message but is pretty short and can seem to not flow as easily as it could. It also seems to end abruptly with no resolution. I enjoyed the story overall.
  • Gravity on July 28, 2011

    Ariel is a girl just trying to stay under the radar and make it through high school. Her parents aren't the richest and therefore she is not the most popular. After her friend disappears Ariel isn't sure how she'll make it through the school year. Strange things being to happen to Ariel, noises in the night, visions she can't explain, and just some overall strange things. Ariel is relieved to make friends with Theo, another "misfit" and they together with Henry, the new handsome boy in school. Try to figure out what is going on in their town. A good read.
  • Divine Intervention on July 29, 2011

    Jasi McLellan is an agent in the CFBI with a specialty in arson investigations, in fact she is a Pyro-Psychic. The smoke gives her visions and often puts her inside the arsonist during the last moments as they set the fire. Jasi and her team have been assigned to a case of a serial arsonist, which at first glance have no ties to each other than the Gemini lighter left at both scenes. This investigation gets more complicated with each new clue that develops and if Jasi and her team don't solve the case in time, more lives are in danger. This is a great book, with some unforseen twists and great character development. Definitely recommended!