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  • Playing Harry on Oct. 29, 2011

    I love playing Harry. It reminds me of Alan Jacobson books. The plot twisted and the ending is unpredictable. I like how Nick Wastnage make the story in gray area. He didn't force his opinion but let us decide for ourselves whether the end justify the mean. I like all characters there including the bad guys. He make the characters live because they do what real people will do. Everyone have their own problems and they struggle with it. Character I like the most is Gary Lester. I feel he is the one who have the most character development. The irony is he didn't have any connection with Harry Fingle (main character) unlike other characters. The theme itself is ordinary but Nick Wastnage wrap it so good that you keep reading until the end. But, it's not without minus. One area I feel the story lack is dialogue. I think it was his style to prefer narrative story telling to conversation. But certainly I won't mind if he increase the dialogue between characters. Anyway, it's a very good and interesting books. I'm waiting for Nick Wastnage next books.
  • Dirty Sex Stories: Cassie's Oral Education on July 08, 2014

    Just recently I love erotica books. I see great potential for this story. I love the idea about oral lessons and if one make novel about sexual intercourse lessons than I don't know what I will do. LOL. Anyway, there's still rooms for improvement, like maybe if the man/boy is the one whom need to pass the oral exam to succeed, then it would be very great. Anyway, I love your idea and story. Keep up the great work