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Ripley Grant believes in the power of coffee, whimsy, candy and most of all love. After letting piles and piles of writing build up in the Documents folder, Ripley decided it was time to let the world start to see what is living there.


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  • Chasing Filthy Lucre on March 28, 2011

    This is a great read, right from the start. The opening is crisp with some well paced action. (I am a sucker for underground boxing situations) The feel of the world is fed to you in nice subtle pieces and not thrust at you in an info dump. The concept of which I will not spoil, but will say it is scary how real it could be. I really liked the call backs to certain bits of narrative. It's clever and shows me a nice attention to detail. The characters are interesting, all of them, even the bad guys and bit players we may never see again. Chasing Filthy Lucre has a great cyberpunk feel to it, with some twists I wasn't expecting and really enjoy. I'm looking forward to the next piece.