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Adrianna Stepiano grew up in a small town just south of Detroit, never really knowing the journey of life she was led on, she sought God in her everyday life. The lives of many she shares in joy and laughter, the innocence that surrounds her does bring softness to family and friends. To her we go when needs out supply wants, that is our motto.

Struck by violence and held witness to three workplace shootings, right under her anxiety level is where you'll find her. She walks just a little and tip-toes through life, the news she can't bare without Christ by her side. So her advice to those who feel confused by life, seek Christ in your daily waking hours. Lay down when he calls, move only for him, impress no one around you. He matters little to sinners, so when they doubt you, press on like to care, he's the only one given in death's knocking.


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Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite authors stretch over several genres. First of all, I have a guilty pleasure; I'm a huge romance reader. Not the erotica romance, more of the feel-good romance. Typically, I'll read authors like Nicholas Sparks or Sophie Kinsella. I'm not much of a serious reader, the 'too close to the real struggle of life' stuff gets to me, it bums me out. However, I can't get enough of Khaled Hosseini. His books are devastatingly beautiful. I feel the same way about Lisa See's novels. Her writing is beautiful and though they contain quite a bit of life's struggles, I can't put them down. Peony in Love was one of those novels. It was a bit of fantasy combined with real life. Great book!

Of course, because I write YA Fiction, I read a lot of YA Fiction. I try to read fellow indie authors. One of my favorite indie authors is Colee Firman, her Unbinding Fate series is spectacular. I also read Amy A. Bartol. Both of these authors reside in Michigan, that's probably why they have appealed to me, as I am also a Michigan based indie author. Read them, they're great!
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
As I'm a late night writer, I really do need inspiration to get out of bed each day, so this question is very fitting. First, I have school aged children, so technically I'm forced out of bed. What keeps me awake? Well, that's easy to answer. The 'story' keeps me from crawling back into my bed on those harsh winter mornings. What I mean by the 'story' is; I constantly have possible scenes swirling around in my head. They're there until I pull them out by writing them down. I can't relax until that scene is out of my head and onto the paper.
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