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Smashwords book reviews by aidila jabbari

  • Bedded by the Boss on April 28, 2013

    This is a book for those of you who love alpha male boss with neanderthal tendencies. A roller coaster ride of intense emotions-short and exhilarating. However, the ending was a bit abrupt. Good read.
  • Blackmailed Into Bed (Contemporary Sensual Romance) on May 06, 2013

    Sweet sexy and hot.
  • His Indecent Proposal on May 06, 2013

    Very mills & boon-like. Still sweet and hot.
  • Marco's Redemption on May 06, 2013

    Loved the hero. Macho and dominant with caveman tendencies.
  • Raid on May 06, 2013

    Wonderful book. You can't go wrong with Kristen Ashley's books
  • Rock Chick Regret on May 06, 2013

    Loved all of KA books. This is no exception
  • Three Wishes on May 06, 2013

    This is one of her best works. Sweet romantic and hot. In between you will cry and laugh. What more do you want?รท
  • The Sheriff and the Innocent Housekeeper on May 06, 2013

    Ok book but not one of her better efforts
  • Seduced by the American Millionaire on May 20, 2013

    As always,loved the premise of the story. Rich alpha male meets GPS-required leading lady. Very sexy book. Enjoyed it
  • The Eligible Suitor on May 21, 2013

    Trevor is an ex-fighter turned highly paid executive for Mc Kenzie's rich dad. He had been eyeing Mc Kenzie for many years. Mc Kenzie was a law student when she was held up by an abused child which ultimately made her want to become a counsellor. Years later, this abused child was killed in an illegal street fight. And so the search for the illegal street fighter who baits more inexperienced fighter and kills them begin. Loved the premise. However I felt that the chemistry between them was not so great.