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  • Heaven 2.0 on Sep. 19, 2012
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    Chairman Robertson called a meeting concerning an incident that happened “on the fourteenth of July in the year of our Almighty God 2769”. Michael Kepler, a first year extractor, and his mentor, Gabrielle Hawking, are both at the meeting. In fact, they are the reason for the meeting because of a bit of bother with The Computer. Seems they almost extracted someone before their time. Scott Haworth has created a very interesting concept for his readers; the notion that God intended humans to use the intelligence He gave them, to create their own Heaven and Hell. Using extremely advanced medical procedures, no one ever dies, though those consigned to Hell desperately want to. Intelligent though they may be, humans are still subject to corruption, as Mike discovers when a person he knows to be decent and good is sent to Hell. Mike, like any good hero, cannot let this happen and takes on those who make the decisions. Heaven 2.0 is a good read and well worth at least thrice the price. There is one niggle pertaining to the writing that needs to be addressed (sometimes the adverbs got out of hand), but it wasn’t enough to take me out of the story. Thought-provoking, and with a hint of romance, I recommend it and would welcome comments. Reviewed by Amanda J. Capper for TheGenReview