Beth Kuda


About the Author
Beth Kuda lives in a forest in the Ozark region of Missouri, with a fluctuating household that includes various rescued cats and dogs, as well as native wildlife.
As her father once remarked, she has her feet planted firmly in midair. This is an advantage, however, because it allows her to pursue both dreams and reality, in the form of music, art, and writing.
She served in the US Air Force and she has written for such publications as Ultimate Audio and Audio Adventure, as well as several local and national newspapers and poetry anthologies.

About the Artist
Lyn Kuda lives in Plano, Texas, with three housemates, two cats, and a nervous little dog. She spends her days drawing, singing, and playing around on the Internet.
Her first art love is graphite, but formal training awoke passions for conte, charcoal, and watercolor pencil. Starting in 2002, she developed a fondness for graphic design and web design.
Subject-wise, her work focuses on humans, especially faces, but she also has training in still-life work.


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