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Amanda Linehan is a fiction writer and the author of the blog, Look Far. She lives in Maryland, likes to be outside and writes with her cat sleeping on the floor beside her desk.

Smashwords Interview

What are you working on next?
I'm currently in the middle of writing a vampire story. This is the first time I've tried my hand at vampires, and it's fun! It's neither young adult nor romance, but I'm not sure (yet) exactly what to call it. It's not really horror (although there certainly is some blood!), and it has elements of mystery, suspense, and adventure. Oh well, I'll get it figured out. :)

The working title is "Bored to Death" and it's about a vampire, my main character Vic (short for Victoria), who is bored with her immortality. I initially started this thinking it would be a short story. And then it seemed like it would be a novella. And at this point, it will definitely be a novel. ;)

I'm about 35,000 words in at this point, and I'm probably a little over halfway through the story, so I expect that this will be published sometime in 2015.
What is your writing process?
My writing process is always, at least a little bit, in flux. Currently, I get an idea (often while driving) or I go from a writing prompt and simply begin writing the story. I don't outline or make any notes, although I may have thought about the idea at length depending on when it first popped in my mind, I just sit down in front of my laptop and let the story take shape as my fingers move across the keyboard.

This is a scary, but exciting, way to write. There is always the possibility that I will write myself into a place that I can't get out of, or that I will inadvertently introduce some horrible inconsistency that I can't fix later on. This hasn't happened yet (fingers crossed!), but there is always the risk that it will. I think that's why I like it. ;)
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