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Smashwords book reviews by Amy Rex

  • Crysalis: Beginnings on May 19, 2014

    Three stories in one simple package...overall all 3 were entertaining. Now I just have one beef w/ all 3 authors...give me an EXACT pub date for when the next stories will be coming out. This is what I really liked- Meade was hilarious, the good kind of sassy/smartass. Damian's story with Vira has me anticipating something going on b/w the 2 of them...can't wait to find out how that unfolds. Keep writing, people. Definitely action-packed enough that it kept my interest too.
  • Found in London on May 19, 2014

    This is a very fun concept for a book and I really enjoyed reading it.
  • The Princess Who Wouldn't Die on May 28, 2014

    I've read some of this author's work, but this is the first fantasy ebook I've read by J. Kirsch. The princess is filled with the type of tenacity I like to see in my heroines. It was refreshing to see a princess who seems every bit the equal of any heroic knight. Princess Naji is no wilting flower...that's for sure!...and in both kicking ass and doing what needs to be done to survive, I found myself admiring her 'get-it-done' attitude. A good, fast-paced read!
  • The Princess Who Defied Kings on July 13, 2014

    This book gets off to a thrilling start as Najika stands on trial for murder, albeit a murder pretty justified. From there the story never lets up. It held my attention - her escape from the prison caravan and then her eventual journey to the Black Kingdom…not to mention run-ins with ogres, trolls, and yes, even a dragon among other interesting creatures and characters. I'd give this book five thumbs up if I had that many hands. This is an adventure story I won't forget.