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Smashwords book reviews by Amy

  • Reveal (Cryptid Tales) on Dec. 17, 2011

    Reveal follows the story of Shay, a high school student that has been through a lot. Her Father went missing when she was a young girl and ever since that night, life hasn't been the same. Shay was close to her Dad and to this day, they don't know what happened to him. Since that night, Shay has been able to communicate with ghosts. Specifically a boy named Jeremy, who we were first introduced to in Ignite. He lived in a orhpanage until someone burnt it down and all the kids inside were killed. Now they are all ghosts carrying out certain tasks. Jeremy has been Shay's best friend for many years, that is until they have a fight and she unknowingly banishes him. Forced to spend more time with living people Shay makes friends with Olivia, who she now spend the majority of her time with. During their trips to the coffee shop they come across a boy named Hugh. Who she later finds out is like her, he even knows more about it than she does. Shay discovers that there is a whole tribe of people just like her, Cryptids. People who can see ghosts or change into cats. As their relationship grows Hugh's parents realise that they could be the Cryptid couple of the prophecy. The couple that is supposed to defeat the "darkness." I found the story to be intriguing and pretty unique as stories these days go! I liked Courtney's writing style and found it to be a fairly quick read. The pacing of the book was a little bit fast in parts, a little slow in others, but the other elements of the story definitely make up for it. Shay is a very like able character. She is a fairly normal teenage girl, here is no mention of her being an outcast or popular, she is just your average girl. This I liked, so often the main character is incredibly 'uncool,' then all these things start happening to him/her and they make friends with one or more of the popular teens. Shay and her family have been darkly effected by the disappearance of their father and husband. Entirely understandable. They are moving on with their lives but there are still unanswered questions that are keeping them down. As the story develops we see Shay discover things about herself and the people close to her that she never knew. Hugh is the love interest in the story. He's a college boy, while Shay herself is still in high school. As the story progressed I found Hugh to be pretty full on as a character. Shay is the reason he is in town (I won't say much, I don't want to spoil any surprises!) even before Shay knew he existed. Both Shay and Hugh were left with room to develop both as characters and in their relationship, I look forward to seeing this in the next book in the series. One thing I will say though - That ending? I did NOT see that coming!! I really thought that it would be your typical happy ending to the first book in a series. Though there were still plot lines that were left open at the point in time of the ending things had died down. Or so I thought. Until the final sentences of the novel! This was very well done! Just when I thought the story was coming to a close, it gets blown wide open! This is only the second book I have read primarily about ghosts and I was not disappointed! Courtney has done a great job of leaving her readers hanging! I can't wait to find out what will happen next!