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  • Hannah's Choice (An Erotic /Erotica Short) on Jan. 21, 2013

    This story got me right in a personal kink - medical play. That said, the sex was pretty vanilla aside from the setting and the authoritative, detached style of the doctor's speech. The writing was quite passable: I didn't notice any spelling mistakes or grammatical issues, the prose had a concise, natural flow to it and the dialogue wasn't stilted or robotic, which is a welcome achievement. I didn't give this story a full five stars for a few reasons. First, the medical kink took a disappointingly vanilla path, so in that way it didn't quite deliver. Second, the doctor lost his professional believability near the end. Third, and probably most relevant to my rating, the female lead embodied too many unpleasant and common erotica tropes, and came off to me as a cookie-cutter personality. But as for all these complaints in the reviews about ads -- what's the problem? The story is free to read. Kitt's promotions don't come up until after the story ends, so the reader is in no way forced to click through them. You can close the window as soon as the story is finished if you want to. Adding previews and ads to the end of a free story is a very unimposing and honest self-promotion strategy.
  • Girl on a Train, No. 1 in the 'Tempted by Her Student' series (lesbian erotica) on Jan. 22, 2013

    I hate to say it but, like its title, this story is somewhat lackluster. It has an awkward narrative style. Tension in the narrative is often swiftly undermined by the phrasing, which tends to overstate the obvious. And what's with all the parentheses? They're used far too often for a piece of fiction, and are frequently used improperly. The lead, Bella, sees no problem at all in cheating on her husband. She doesn't even give the ethics of her choice any thought. Such a dilemma could have been a great avenue for developing tension and exploring Bella's character, but it went unused. Over all, I found it very difficult to get a sense of the characters' personalities. They failed to talk about, or even think about, anything interesting. By the time the sex came around, I found it difficult to care what happened. I apologize for the negativity in my review, but I do think it's more important to be honest.
  • Lusting While Dusting on Jan. 24, 2013

    I must confess, I judged this book by its cover, and for whatever reason I got the impression that it would be poorly written or that it would try too hard. Lesson learned -- I was completely wrong. This was adorable, fun, lighthearted, clever and welcoming to read. The abrupt ending disappointed me, but this story succeeds in showcasing the quality and style of Aussiescribbler's writing. I look forward to reading more from this author.