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Thank you for stopping by to visit! I work and write in the beautiful state of Arizona, busily typing away at the sequel to An Unfettered Mind. If you enjoyed my book, please leave a comment on my blog. Criticisms and advice may find their way into the next book. Ideas are meant to be shared and I love to hear from readers.


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  • Once More, From the Beginning on Dec. 18, 2010

    Once More...From the Beginning is a deeply entertaining re-telling of the highlights of the Old Testament from a savvy woman's perspective. The more you know about David, Saul, Abraham, Adam, Cain and Abel the more fun you will have. Of course the women enter stage right at the appropriate times: from the Queen o' Sheba to the clean-er Sheba (Bathsheba) as well as the particularly compelling Judith and the less compelling Jezebel. The stories are told in a matter-of-fact modern rendition that makes one wonder what God was thinking in the first place. Why put those trees in Eden if the fruit is wasted? Why torment your Chosen People? Ms Bertsch gives the Old Testament a New twist while reminding us that God created TWO people that first week. If you tend to nod off when trying to get through all the begats and beheadings when reading King James' version (and he was definitely ambiguous about women) then Ms Bertsch's version will keep you awake and smiling from "In the beginning" to Amen, Sister.
  • The Pict on Jan. 08, 2011
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    The Pict captured my interest from the first because of my interest in this period; I wish there were more novels set in early British history. The first few chapters are engaging and the character of Calach is drawn quickly and with intensity. The author is clearly engrossed in this time period and admires the Pictish tribes and their contributions to British culture. I enjoyed the story very much and recommend it heartily, especially to young people who are curious about the Roman clash with early Britons.
  • Maids of Misfortune: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery on Feb. 22, 2011

    Maids of Misfortune is a delightful swirl of mystery and adventure set in 19th century San Francisco where the hills and the sea generate misty secrets and roller coaster excitement. Young widow Annie Fuller runs a boarding house, clinging to the last remnant of her inheritance: a small piece of San Francisco real estate. When her home, her livelihood and the futures of her friends and boarders are threatened, this spirited young woman takes matters into her own hands. The author skillfully maneuvers the heroine through the tangle of Victorian social customs and the daily lives of servants and masters in order to get to the truth behind a mysterious death. A real concern for the well-being of the characters emerges from her pen and is telegraphed to the reader so much so that when the real danger is exposed at the climax, one is holding one’s breath and squeezing the e-reader. The story is told with wit and humor and the characters, especially Mr. Wong, come to life like old friends. I finished the book with a happy sigh that became a frown of impatience as now the interminable wait for the sequel has thrown me into a fit of pique. I see this beginning of series of mysteries as a welcome addition to this genre, and a feast for mystery readers hungry for more.