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  • The Casitians Return on May 02, 2011
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    Melds Political, Spiritual, Personal, and Ecological Casitians return to teach earth-humans lessons that we badly need to hear. The basic premise is that we’re all human, but when we are embedded in different social systems, our values and viewpoints can clash wildly, as they do in this novel. Many earth-humans naturally resist the necessary changes to bring humans back into balance with nature, for personal or political or religious reasons. This mix of motivations, sometimes within the same character, is one of the book’s strengths. The main character, Marianne, is a terrific lead as she is able to embrace new ideas with strength and flexibility. I really cheered her on in her quest for love and insight. The values that the Casitian humans represent are inspiring and the glimpses we get of their social structures fascinating. This novel gives an astute view of how humans can change, if we’re lucky.