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Smashwords book reviews by arkgirl

  • B-Sides and Broken Hearts on Dec. 02, 2011

    You don't have to love the Ramones to love this book but if you are a music fan and have known the thrill of seeing your favourite band/artist live, or have enjoyed getting together with friends after a gig to dissect what you've seen, then you will recognise a kindred spirit in Lisa!! This is an excellent read with a wonderful soundtrack and as you journey through her back catalogue touching on defining moments in her life it is wonderful life affirming book. The starting point is the death of Joey Ramone and when her current boyfriend doesn't get her heartbreak over this event she realises she needs to head off to friends/soulmates who will. As she starts on the journey to meet her friends in a band, Blue Electric, in LA we jump back to the start of her love for music and the friends she has met on the way. There is tragedy and humour both beautifully woven into the story and there are twists and turns that surprise. It is a book that makes you laugh and cry so I was really delighted to have the opportunity to read this as a giveaway by the publishers.