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First book series: A Broken Paradise was an English Lit paper, that was done in form 3 at school. Back then it was bearing on just over 100 pages long and since has evolved into 5 books....so far!

I always had pipe dreams that I would be discovered in different aspects of the entertainment world. Whether that be singing, dancing or my love; acting. After my son was born and problem arised, my life was somewhat limited. Taking care of a child with CP after a terrible delivery had become my first priorty. I dedicated everything to my son and his care. Since my time was solely on my son's around the clock care, it left little time for myself and when I did, that was when I turned to my second love; Writing. A place where I could escape too even if it were for a moment, some clarity. A place I could go that wasn't too far away from my responsabilities as a mother and full time carer to Alex.
It took some time...allot of time Lol! More time than ever originally anticipated but finally got there.
I released the first Two installments of my A Broken Paradise Series: Chasing Fears (Sept 2012) and later the second: The Alliance (Nov 2012) for digital release. Chasing Fears Book one was released in Volumes one and Two via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on Saturday 12th Jan 2013.

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A Broken Paradise Series
Their born for something far more important.... Four to complete the circle.... Two to rule them all.... Born of Earth blood, born human, tainted with Ancient lineage...


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