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I am a constant writer. I say writer because author sounds too grand for me. I say constant because it is the truth, I am either plotting, writing or dreaming about my characters. They are very real, in an imaginary way, to me. Their creation is, of course, the most demanding virtual necessity I have ever known--it is, however, a very pleasurable pursuit.

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Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I live in South Africa and adore the country. The landscape is awe inspiring in its beauty and diversity. My third novel, a "whodunit" is set in South Africa.
When did you first start writing?
I cannot remember a time when I didn't write. Obviously there must have been a period 'before', but it's not a memory for me
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The Fresh Voice Edition #1
By Nora Black
Pre-release—available April 30, 2014. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 1,640. Language: English. Category: Nonfiction
Prizes. Interviews, discount retreats. The first edition of the EZine "The Fresh Voice". We feature tons of information for authors, interviews with publishers, competitions, interviews with past winners from competitions like the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards (giveaway of the winner's books), free copies of our review books . $1000 short Story Competition. Only a sample has been upload
Fall Into You
By Nora Black
Price: Free! Words: 1,630. Language: English. Published: November 1, 2013. Category: Fiction
Instructions on how not to injure yourself too badly when you fall, hard
Bleeding Shame.
By Nora Black
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 62,940. Language: English. Published: September 14, 2013. Category: Fiction
(5.00 from 1 review)
Has a world altering invention become temptation for murder? A vicious killer, an improbable story, and a shattering scientific discovery, mingle to create a cocktail of deceptive intrigue. Bleeding Shame is a compelling story that will grab you at the start, pull you along at a breathtaking pace, and shock you senseless with the questions it poses, and the answers it finds.
A Bleeding Coincidence.
By Nora Black
Price: Free! Words: 3,230. Language: English. Published: July 23, 2013. Category: Fiction
New job, new life. Darren is full of hope, but what he doesn't plan on, is the audacity of a young woman who smashes her car into a tree, right in front of him, damn!
Point Zero
By Nora Black
Price: Free! Words: 2,850. Language: English. Published: July 21, 2013. Category: Fiction
Ghost Story.History always catches you when you are least aware; make sure it has nothing nasty to pin on you...Nothing to make you pay for -- Do no EVIL.
Where The Sun Sets
By Nora Black
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,370. Language: English. Published: October 14, 2011. Category: Fiction
0.5 star(4.50 from 4 reviews)
From the second that she first sees it, Sara's life changes for ever. Join her on a journey of discovery in the deserts of Southern Africa, in this short comic tale.

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  • Gun Hill on Oct. 15, 2011
    star star star star star
    A short concise thriller. More than worth a read.
  • Sunshine Meadows on Oct. 17, 2011
    star star star star star
    brilliant, fast paced, will not let you down to the very end.
  • The Dream Web on Oct. 24, 2011
    star star star star star
    excellent idea, this is a very good short story, more please.
  • Death Ray Butterfly on Oct. 30, 2011
    star star star star star
    Brilliant, funny, quirky. I will find all I can by this author and devour it..
  • Death Ray Butterfly on Oct. 30, 2011
    star star star star star
    Brilliant, funny, quirky. I laughed so hard, I couldn't stand up straight for the rest of the day.
  • Welcome to Mom's Diner on Oct. 30, 2011
    star star star star star
    wonderful, clever.
  • Hollowland on Nov. 03, 2011
    star star star star star
    From the first page, straight through to the last, this is pull up your socks and go book, I loved every second of this cracking story. Amanda Has TALENT.
  • Unwritten Rules of Impossible Things on Nov. 03, 2011
    (no rating)
    some people should run countries, others the universe, and some people should write books. Only u in a 1 000 000 should do all 3.
  • Unwritten Rules of Impossible Things on Nov. 03, 2011
    star star star star star
    some people should run countries, some should run the universe, some should write fiction. Only u should do all 3.
  • The Sunflower That Roared on Dec. 01, 2011
    star star star star star
    Lovely tale to warm your heart
  • Sexy Teenage Vampires on Dec. 07, 2011
    star star star star star
    original, wickedly slim. Tom is fast becoming my favourite indie author.
  • Violent Bits: A Horror Sampler on April 02, 2012
    star star star star star
    Well, oh well. So very rare, an author of true, raw talent. First I read Dancing lessons, which pulled me in, reeled me to search for more. Often times you read a gem, only to discover that the writer has tricked you, written one amazing tale, only to deflate you like a popped ballon with the balance of his work. Not so with Aaron Polson. simply the best. These tales will shock and delight. A masterful weave, from an honest to goodness horror conjurer.
  • Repression on July 22, 2013
    star star star star star
    Rob Lowe knows how to tell a grand story, and how to write it immaculately; a rare combination in this day and age. Do yourself a favour and spend and hour of time, and a dollar from pocket on this wonderfully crafted story, which contains all the elements needed to raise it from the ordinary into the extraordinary!
  • Best Friends Forever on Aug. 06, 2013
    star star star star star
    Intriguing story. Really different! Truly, I gasped at the ending, very imaginative. An evocative read more than worth your time. Intelligent stuff.
  • A Bride for Tom on Aug. 14, 2013
    star star star star star
    Charming old fashioned read. Truly heart-warming. I enjoyed it! Read it in one sitting. Tom and Jessica's story is filled with humor and light-hearted fun. Think Pride and Prejudice entertainment.
  • Second Honeymoon on Aug. 31, 2013
    star star star star star
    Bravo! Not only is story very well written, it is also extremely imaginative. Picture a crime repaid in the most punishing manner, and then add a twist of lemon. This story should be at #1. Very, very clever.
  • Murphy's Law on Aug. 31, 2013
    star star star star star
    A little noir ... Very well done. The only type of person who might not enjoy this story is someone with a very low IQ. Wickedly twisted and very well written
  • Cupid's Maze on Aug. 31, 2013
    star star star star star
    Well written and exceedingly creepy. You have been warned!
  • After The Darkness: Episode One on Sep. 15, 2013
    star star star star
    Calcane City is a harsh, dispirited place; it is also the setting for a tense and interesting start to what looks to be an engaging read. The idea of making a serial out of the story should keep readers coming back for more, I for one, will continue to read it as it kinda grabs you by the shirt tails and drags you along.
  • Henry Hartman's Boondoggle Crisis: An Off-the-Books Mystery, #2 on Sep. 19, 2013
    star star star star star
    Sydney has recently married Henry Hartman, er ... Kimbal or any of the other alias names her new husband works under, you see Henry is a tongue-in-cheek FBI agent. Syd has had a rough time of marriage, since her first was to a mobsters son whom she put through dental school at her own expense. For her trouble her ex tried to have her murdered to collect on the insurance... but now, Henry has saved her and bought her a cute dog to boot--or has he? To answer; the couple romp through a series of hilarious compromisingly dangerous situations that are a laugh a minute. I thoroughly enjoyed the art of comedy painted by the author as she colors each event in sharp evocative and truly funny prose. I will be reading more from this author.
  • Dust on Oct. 01, 2013
    star star star star star
    Stan Owen is a billionaire risk taker. He is so enamoured of his image as a high-flying larger than life know it all, that he does not find it necessary to carry a cellphone with him during his aerial adventure in a very old, typically elegant, plane. When he lands sans water, navigational equipment or food in a challenging desert-like environment he has to reassess his sense of his own worth and the things he finds important. This is an at times gruesome, at others poetically told story that will have you riveted to your screen until the bitter, horrific finale. Few short stories maintain perfect pace, while spinning a descriptive engaging yarn; THIS IS ONE!
  • Max and the Gatekeeper on Oct. 16, 2013
    star star star star star
    A sweeping enchanting story set in a world where the forces of good and evil battle for sway. No, this is not a "read it before", predictable tale, it is a vivid, beautifully woven saga of magic, mayhem and mystery. Adventure abounds, wicked plots and evil questing beasts frighten and entertain. Rarely, if ever, am I faced with a book I'm actually nervous to write a review for, this was one; I was afraid I would not be able to do it justice, it is simply too excellent. Max, pays a reluctant visit to his grandfather for his summer vacation, he is immediately marked and tracked by the creatures of darkness. Max soon discovers, not only that he admires his grandfather, but that the old man is a seasoned traveler to far flung fantasy worlds, courtesy of an intriguing time machine. He befriends Cindy, a beautiful, tomboy, and makes instant enemies with the group of town bullies, who are far more dangerous than first thought. Max and Cindy are charming characters, full of warmth and fun. Their halting, first blush infatuation is a delight to read, both refreshing in its innocence and evocative in its promise. Suspense, and danger force Max and Cindy into a vortex of "other worlds" for which they need to learn enthralling magical arts to survive. From believable, truly scary monsters, to shimmering fairies and stealthy night shades, this book has it all. The ambit and sheer breadth of the authors imagination is staggering and ever awe inspiring. The target market here is probably pre-teen, but for anyone who fears that wonder is merely a glimmer of vaguely remembered majesty on a fading horizon, this book will fix it totally, a fit read for both child, and the child in you. A must do fiction, more heart-stoppingly amazing than anything I've picked up in years: which kid(or adult), after all, does not want to be the hero with hard-won superpowers who is touted to save the world.
  • Ocean's Gift on Oct. 19, 2013
    star star star star
    The Australian colloquialisms had me grappling here and there to get a handle on the tale(no pun intended). We have blokes, for dudes. Nah, for no and mates for friends not to mention a stain of humor a tad bit to the left of smooth. I would class this a light read, certainly not something that would make you overly thoughtful. It has entertaining moments, but is a mildly graphic romance with a Siren fantasy element at heart. I think a young adult audience may enjoy it. The most striking character is Joe, who manages to pull a smile and a giggle with his candid thoughts and all male attitude to his mermaid girl wonder. The fantasy aspect is not very detailed, and indeed, most of the action takes place on land, boat or bed(take your pick!). I would recommend this as a beach read and would imagine that most of the target audience would rush to read the sequel, particularly as the unusual ending had quite a bit of bait(ha!) to it.
  • Scary Mary on Oct. 21, 2013
    star star star star star
    Cute, quirky and side-splittingly funny. This is one hell of an entertaining read. Scary Mary is different, she's intelligent, but also more than a tad bit odd-ball. Nevertheless, someone, in the form of Cyrus--the hot new boy at school--finally recognizes her merits and wants to be friends. That is, until she has to tells him that his house is haunted and that the wicked malevolent spirit living in it is intent on having on going conversations with her, and possibly killing him(no wonder no one at school wants to know her, he thinks!). For the sake of good, Mary wants to rid Cy, of his ghost hoping stoically that she won't face the same fate as the only fairy tale female hero she knows of, The Little Mermaid, who for love gave up her legs only to be left to melt into sea foam while her prince marries his princess. Dear, oh dear, if you haven't read this book you've surely missed something and since it's offered at more than one retailer free of charge I can only urge you to stay that delay-- And Rush Forth And Get It TODAY!
  • A Thousand Tears on Oct. 25, 2013
    star star star star star
    Excellent short read. Well written. A demonstration in the effects of a hardened heart, a heart made unsure by the vastness of human uncaring.
  • Her Dakota Man on Nov. 12, 2013
    star star star star star
    Charming! Without doubt this story is the epitome of the word. Dissect the life of a man who has tried with everything in him to love a woman he is honor bound to love, but does not, and you are certainly going to come up with an emotionally evocative tale that will pull at the heart strings and jerk more than a single tear to roll unchecked down the cheek. Logan Is all earthy goodness, he is your typical robust farm boy, but with a heart of gold. Poppy, is the maligned love of Logan's life, but their unity has been divided by a woman they were both friends with, who has sadly passed from the world leaving only secrets, betrayal and a tiny innocent boy in her wake. Kelly, Logan's dead wife, and Poppy's ex-bestfriend, had a dying wish--she begged Poppy to go back to her home town from her fast paced New York lifestyle to face the only man she has ever loved, but Kelly harbored a dark secret. The suspense built around this hidden knowledge is brilliantly handled by the author. The book insists on being devoured for this reason alone, nevertheless, it is by far and away not the only thing that makes this read a thrilling page turner. No! The relationships between the main protagonists and the sub-characters are well developed and realistic enough to pull the reader in unbidden. This is a slow burn romance with all the good bits a tale of its genre should have with a whole spade more. A very enjoyable old fashioned romance with loads of modern infused into the fabric of the work to render it an entirely current, un-put-downable book.
  • Abnormality #1: Beepers on March 28, 2014
    star star star star star
    I'm a great fan of Tom's. I've read and enjoyed a good number of his books and short stories. For me, those 'fictions', as he often refers to them, were all marvelously entertaining and humorous. I do believe that you need to be a particular type of person to enjoy reading his work, but the same can be said of Hemingway. This narration is a fascinating celebration of the ridiculous. It is totally hilarious in the most side-splitting and satisfying way. Well before the final outrageous line I had comedy's tears on my cheeks, and laughter aching the muscles of my jaw. Not only does Tom create the extraordinary from mere dust, he manages to make it wildly interesting. His concepts are always mind-bogglingly vivid and thought provoking, he makes you stop, mid giggle and think about things in terrifying and novel ways. Yes, we are only as big as the eyes that perceive us, and yes, a disturbance of cosmic dust which might cause the dissolution of a planet, is only a swirl of color if viewed from earth. I love your humor, Tom, and I'm so very glad I had the opportunity, once again, (at zero cost) to indulge myself in quality.
  • Rest Upon the Wind on April 16, 2014
    star star star star star
    Of water and fire, and the circle of life, this is a lovely story centering on the call of destiny soul-mates hear despite the march of time. Reincarnation is a tricky subject since it immediately alienates many religious groups and holds the possibility for the author to instruct rather than tell a story. Genia Stemper, however, is not a prophet, she is a very talented and thoughtful writer. She treads her way through the ethereal with such aplomb that the reader can almost hear the 'Woosh' of time fly by as the protagonists learn, live and die through the lessons of reality towards their fate. The reader is transported, with tsunami-like power, through the ages while true-love attempts to find its place and its peace. The author's attention to the setting for each of the protagonists' lifetimes is astonishingly detailed. Rich aromas waft from the pages in the descriptions of beautiful gardens, seaside vistas and dangerous fires. The fruit from each tree is so well remembered by the author that you, the reader, will taste its fruits' nectar on your tongue. The book, and each historical place and time are well researched and infused with a vibrancy that bounds from the pages into the imagination, creating a backdrop that is almost tactile, to stage the tragedies, triumphs and trifles of life. From a glimpse of life as an Indian Princess to the burden of life as a rice-paddy slave, this read is an indulgence that will not only entertain you, engage you emotionally, but also leave you glowing with the warmth of its gloriously romantic notion that love may endure and not simply be swept away by time.