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  • Triangle on May 27, 2012

    This is a rare book, and one I instantly fell in love with. It drew me right in with its perfect mix of humor and angst, all presented in wonderful writing. The style is somewhat unique, it is told from four different perspectives. The two authors split these amongst themselves, with Susann Julieva writing three of the characters (James, Rizzo, Casey) and Romelle Engel writing Nick, a character that only joins the gang later on. The book begins with James trying to deal with being in love with his (supposedly) straight best friend, and being constantly teased by sexy Rizzo, whom he doesn't like one bit. But, oh, the tension between them! It's something else. I was hooked, and soon as torn as James about who he should get together with. But I quickly had a favorite... and in the end wasn't disappointed in my choice! They are perfect together, and now definitely among my favorite fictional couples. I soon found myself in love with everyone in this book. Rizzo especially fascinates me. He seems to undergo such a change as the story unfolds, and the cool part is that it's all about perception. We first only see him though other people's eyes, and we get a certain impression of him. And then the author spins it all around, and opens our eyes to what he is really like (and always has been). I love this, and I love that he turns out to be such a multi-layered character - as all of them are. James with his dry sense of humor is incredibly endearing, and it's impossible not to feel for him. Nick is something else, another very real and believable character. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that it is a beautiful and very touching love story. The characters became incredibly real to me, and it's intriguing to read everyone's thoughts and see one part of the story through one pair of eyes, then the next chapter through someone else's. I really couldn't put this book down - and believe me I tried!