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  • Credo's Hope on June 19, 2012

    I don't remember how I found this book. But, the author is from my hometown and sets the book there. She is a cop writing a police procedural. So, I figured I'd give her a try. I loved the book! Since the setting attracted me to the book, I have to say Ms. Holt captures the town well. About the only thing she's missing is a reference to a popular local chain for slushies for us locals. The mystery is solid. There was one "clue" that the main character didn't get at first, that I thought had bright red neon signs pointing at it, but other than that, it read like a mainstream novel. The characters are quirky, and fun. They add the right amount of comedic relief.
  • Credo's Legacy on June 19, 2012

    I immediately read Credo's Legacy after finishing Credo's Hope. I loved it every bit as much as the first. Hopefully, there will be more to this series. The novel is a police procedural, but it is the well written characters that pull you in. Whether the characters are friends, foes, or co-workers, they are all unique. They have flaws and strong points. They bring humor into an otherwise difficult "case." The mystery aspects are solid, while it was pretty clear who bad guy was going to be, I didn't know for sure or why they did it until the end.