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  • Created (Talented Saga #4) on Nov. 05, 2013

    OMG! I loved this book even more than the rest! Okay, maybe not more than book 1, but it was so FREAKING FANTASTIC!!! We are completely invested by the end of Chapter 1 - finding out a dear friend was involved in the death of her parents, knowing at the end of the countdown she'll be on her way to rescue Erik. This book was full of action, suspense, love, and lots of super talents! It was definitely a nail biter! Every time they would lose track of a friend I thought the worst was going to happen. Part of it broke my heart. I was amazed at the detail and how descriptive the author could be, I could visualize the entire book in my head! I loved the progression of the talents, even though the very idea of someone with that much power is a bit terrifying. The way the book was left with several open ends leads me to believe there will be a Book 5... but even if the story ends just where it is, that would be okay :) I was given an ARC of this book by the author for review. There may have been a little begging involved. Maybe. Just a little.
  • Fragile Facade (Blind Barriers Trilogy #1) on April 13, 2014

    Blind Barriers - Sophie Davis has done it again!! I loved (loved loved loved) the Talented Saga, and LOVED Pawn... and now I LOVE (!!!) Blind Barriers! This book is written from the points of view of two different characters who live in completely different "worlds". Each chapter is about 1 girl. Raven is trying to make it on her own in a new place, and Lark is a rich girl that hides who she really is from her friends and family. Their worlds collide in an unexpected way... Lark needs Raven to find out what happened to her! She's mysteriously disappeared and her disappearance has been making the headlines. The author wrote each character as if she personally knew them both, each one has a completely different way of speaking/thinking, and each has their own personality. Ugh... and the ending!! Talk about a cliffhanger!! At least we don't have to wait too long for the next one! I highly recommend this book for a short read that leaves you wanting much more! Courting Chaos - In the next chapter of Lark & Raven, we get a few questions answered, but many more arise as a result. What is Lark up to? How/why did she leave so many clues for someone to find? I have some suspicions, but who knows when I'll get my answers. As is the nature with serials, each one gives you a bit more of the story, but it's like putting together the Worlds longest lasting puzzle. Man, the suspense is killing me! On a different note, the writing style of this series is absolutely beautiful. It's got old fashioned charm and is fantastically descriptive. I can't really describe the way it's written - you need to check it out for yourself! Fragile Facade - Volume 3 of the Blind Barriers serial was even better than the first two! We delved deeper into Larks life and saw some very interesting/perplexing actions by her. I have some theories about what exactly is going on, but until the next volume, I'll be left wondering. We also see Raven uncovering more clues to help her find out what happened to Lark... and the final clue, at the end of the very last chapter, was completely unexpected!! Ugh! I need Haunted Haven to be released ASAP so I can figure out why that happened!! Congrats Sophie Davis, on delivering to us yet another thought provoking, edge of your seat book!