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Smashwords book reviews by bethagain

  • Kismet's Kiss: A Fantasy Romance (Alaia Chronicles) on Oct. 03, 2010

    I'm not usually a reader of fantasy romance, but a friend recommended this book and I ended up staying awake until 1 am two nights in a row to finish it. This is a lovely story. It's structured like a romance (and it sizzles like one!), but it's not only about romantic love. It's about friendship, family, and loyalty--and all these rich emotions play out against a background of jewels, shimmering silks, and a palace so vividly drawn that I'm ready to move in. I was also impressed by how well Rowan brought the many characters to life. The book is about far more than just one man and one woman, and each of the secondary characters has an individual personality and a carefully thought out history. I see the official book description doesn't mention the special twist in this story, so I won't reveal the secret... but I will say that wondering how in the world they would work things out kept me turning pages to the end!