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Smashwords book reviews by patricia boyce

  • Storyteller Songs on Dec. 30, 2010

    This book is very interesting to read. It begins with setting the scenes for Summer. The imagery and the language allows you to feel the warmth and pleasure associated with the British fields.The book portrays the era of king Arthur and depicts his bravery, strength and courage. It highlights King Arthur conquests and victories in a time of war and his ability to rule effectively in a time of peace.It also depicts the culture and customs of that time.
  • Dirty Little Angels on Feb. 20, 2011

    Reviewed by Patricia Boyce on Feb 20 Dirty Little Angels begins with a woman whose husband is not of the social and economic standing as she is.She being disowned by her family lives in a gehtto community.After suffering a miscarriage and her husband becoming unemployed,she becomes depressed.Unable to pay her bills she losses her car. The disconnection between herself and her husband has a negative affect on her children who becomes involve in drugs. The plot of the story seems disjointed at times and the issue of religion does not seem well thought through.