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  • Believe on June 11, 2012
    (no rating)
    I recieved this as a R2R. My other review is on Goodreads under Larissa :) It was good, but just had too many similarities to Twilight for me to get really into it. Still definitely worth a read though :)
  • Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy on June 13, 2012

    Actually, probably moreso 3.5 stars :) This was my first ARC!! Wooo! So exciting. You might not think so but meh, I think it's awesome. Anyway... This book was actually pretty good. It was well-written, the word that comes to mind is "neat", the writing that is, for some reason. Read the book and see if you agree, could just be my weirdness. It could have used a little more editing i.e. some of the dialogue and descriptions could have been taking out because they were either a) not needed, b) predictable (where I could predict what the whole dialogue would say after a certain point). But other than that, it was a good story, different (predictable) but all in all... A lovely frist novel from Jenna (Wait, I think it's her first novel). Definitely have a squizz :) (On a side note: Thank you so much Jenna for sharing this story with me,my first ARC author..person! :P Muchly appreciated :)
  • Memoir of a Mermaid: When, At Last, He Found Me (Book #1) on June 15, 2012

    3.75 :) Just to be different.. Second ARC! *dances like a crazy person* Thank you so very much Adrianna, so very much appreciated :) This book was actually really good! I really liked it. The romance seemed a bit out synch at times, it would have been nice to have seen that developed a little more clearer. It was sort of a one step forward and then three steps back kind of relationship, we know that you like each other, but then you don't, but you need each other, it was a little too all over the place for me, but still well-written, don't get me wrong :) But I guess, this will be further developed in the next installment of the series, which I will be reading (when it comes out)... Also, some of Joseph's character traits seemed to come out of no-where...for example: his snobbiness to the "goonches", I was like, "Whoa, okay Joseph, where did that come from? or "Since when are you so whiny Joseph?" and etc. But overall, it was well-written and just a lovely book to read, especially as an ARC :D Have a read guys :)
  • Talented (Talented Saga #1) on June 23, 2012

    Maybe 4.5 :) This was another ARC, well sorta. But I loved it! It completely surprised me :) Really well-written and Erik.. just read and find out all about him :) I'd definitely give this a read if I was you :P