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  • Empty Vessels on Aug. 17, 2013

    I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Sarah just turned 18, and she's on the run for her life. You see Sarah's a little different, she sees a black mist around certain people. These 'black-mist people' are always aggressive and violent towards Sarah. While on the run from one such person, Sarah meets up with a man named Rex. Rex claims he can explain about the 'black-mist' people to Sarah and answer all her questions. Sarah and Rex are thrown into a crazy adventure where everything is not as it seems, and your friends just might be your enemies. I really enjoyed this book. It was action packed and kept my attention throughout. It is a perfect read for all ages.
  • The Impaler's Revenge on Oct. 27, 2013

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Liana Cantacuzino is a member of the Little Council in Romania, a descendent of one of the old noble families. This book takes place in a time when vampires and humans live together throughout the world. However, Romania has managed to exile all vampires. Until Liana is given the task of escorting Maximilien Hess, a thousand year old vampire, into Romania on secret business with the President. Liana has no idea why the President allowed Max into the country and she is greatly disturbed by this change. She is required to protect and provide for Max. While obtaining blood for Max from the local hospital she meets Dr. Jesse Carver, a cardiologist whose sister was murdered by vampires. Jesse observes odd happenings at the hospital he practices at and brings these happening to Liana’s attention. Suddenly, Romania doesn’t seem as closed off from vampires as it should be. I loved this book. I loved the new world created in this book. I found the storyline to be unique. I’ve never read a vampire novel like this. I enjoyed all the characters. Max made me laugh when he would call Liana with his “I’m bored.”, he was like a little boy. I was frustrated with her friends and fellow Little Council members, Rodica Ghica and Stefan Sturdza, because they didn’t seem to be very helpful to Liana. They pretty much left her to deal with Max on her own. Jesse seemed more helpful then they did. This book was very well written, the storyline flowed and it was easy to read. Anyone that enjoys vampire stories will love The Impaler’s Revenge. I can’t wait to read more.
  • Sweet Surrender on Nov. 12, 2013

    I loved this short novella. It tells the heartwarming story of the romance between Liana and Jesse. It's a nice short story great for reading in a waiting room or anytime you have an hour free. It was well written and easy to read.
  • A Victory that Counts on Nov. 12, 2013

    This story follows the adventures of Liana as she and a group of vampires and pandurs try to eradicate the New Breeds, a group of vampires that are stronger, fearless and will fight to the death. Liana and her army travel to New Zealand to try to fight the infestation, however, Liana soon realizes they're in a losing battle. This was a great continuation of The Impaler Legacy. I really enjoyed the interactions between the characters. I was frustrated by Liana and Jesse's interactions. I felt that they seemed to be drifting apart. I was definitely intrigued by the New Breeds. I wanted to know who was creating them and for what purpose. The warlike setting was interesting, and the torture scene was not for the faint of heart. Overall, this was a great book. It was easy to read and well written. I can't wait to read more and see where this wonderful author takes the characters next.
  • Casualties of War on Nov. 12, 2013

    This short story continues where A Victory that Counts leaves off. Liana is debriefed by Captain Nour. Again it is a wonderful short story, just right for an hour of reading. It keeps your attention and is well written. It has a cliffhanger that leaves you craving more. I can't wait for the next book.
  • Reality: The Arie Chronicles (book 1) on Nov. 12, 2013

    Arie is an eighteen year old girl that lost her mother two years ago. Since that time she has been in a deep depression, just going through the motions of life. She’s even pushed away River, the boy she’s seen as her soul mate since she was seven. All that changes when, on her eighteenth birthday, she starts to wake up and become attuned to nature once again. She starts to see shadows and meets Ashe, a beautiful boy she’s instantly drawn to. Her heart is torn, should she stick with trusty, reliable River. Or open her heart to the dark and mysterious Ashe. Plus she’s just found out that she needs to make a decision of the heart on the next full moon for her ascension. After reading some excerpts from this book, I was really excited to read it. It was a very intriguing story that kept my attention. It was action packed and full of emotions. I felt Arie’s sadness over losing her mother. I loved River and his devotion to Arie. I loved the love triangle and the action. I was frustrated over a few things in this story. I felt the sadness and depression Arie felt were overblown. Okay she was sad and grieving, I get it, I just couldn’t stomach it throughout the whole book. I also was disappointed with the ending. Seriously, you have a love triangle and she ends up with no one. If you love YA paranormal romance, you’ll love this book. I’d highly recommend it. However, I’m not sure if I’ll personally continue with this series.