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  • The Seven Gifts on Aug. 23, 2012

    The seven short stories in this book were very interesting and came off as fairy tales in a way. They were set in a different place and time and had a variety of unique and colorful characters, and each story had a message that highlighted a "gift" that was given by God to humankind. There is a strong religious message throughout the book, which makes sense when the ending is revealed. The author has credibly created thought-provoking moral fables, where the "gift" illustrated is not always obvious. I enjoyed the stories more than the summing up by the Angel and the boy at times, and I felt like if there was a way to tie up the stories without the extra chapters with these recurring characters, this book would have flowed better. As it is, it is an interesting, short read, and I think it would especially appeal to people with strong religious beliefs.