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I love reading books, obviously! :D But I prefer the erotica-romance ones.


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  • White Bloodline on March 19, 2013

    It was just so steamy! I love the characters right away! The addition of the pictures were just the perfect inching on the sugary-sweet piece of cake! I really like this book, especially with the touch of fantasy and thriller inside. It really gave out the mystery factors that was planted within. I just can't wait to start reading on the next volume. The trailer is really something. It really scream horror in there, but definitely a must-watch stuff. It made me wanted to read this book to find out what kind of secret that is hidden inside this family of Cainvarna. And it was definitely some dark stuff. The term of Hanabito is also something that I never stumble into. So this story is definitely something new and very original to me. There is also these some sort of different fragrances that came differently for each individual in this book, pumping more suspense and mystery to the book. A must read for fantasy-thriller lovers!
  • White Bloodline on March 19, 2013

    Some powerful-dark read. The mystery continues as the search of the sister of the main heroine. But since this is horror, what more to expect than a bad turn of event? But it didn't just there, and the suspense was making me unable to hold myself than to read on, keep turning the pages until I hit the last one. And might I say: This book is terrific! I couldn't ask for more than another sequel coming from this series. Definitely something that can enchant their readers into reading more. Other than that, there are also these steamy scenes that I just couldn't get enough with. The more I read, the better it got. Definitely as good as the first volume of the book. I highly recommend this for those who just love romance-thriller. This book will definitely surprise you!
  • Creatures of the Dark on July 04, 2013

    Creatures of the Dark shows a darker side of Arsene.... if the first book is not dark enough already. This is a piece of artwork - the way Stella Purple describe the wonderful yet terrible things in the magical world, hidden and co-existing with us, the humans, is just so beautiful and thrilling. This is a non-stop mystery and action, adventure and war. Not the the faint-hearted, I am guarantee. Nice addition for the trailer and cover. This second book is really something else. The beginning of the story is not something I thought it would be before I started reading. The twists and turns of the plot are so rich, readers definitely can not ask for more. A worth reading company, and surely a series anyone can enjoy!
  • Creatures of the Night on July 04, 2013

    Fantastic dark tale! At first, when I started reading this book a while ago, I thought that this is just one of those so many typical, boring stories. But I was wrong. Oh, how I was completely wrong. I did not even see it coming when things started to pick up really fast and thrilling. The events in the story moves pretty fast, so reader has to go through word to word thoroughly or else will miss the chain of events. There are so many things happening in one book like never before. Totally not your typical dark story. This book actually packed with action, adventure, magic and mystery - something richer than anything you can see at those nearby bookstores. The ending was the most emotional climax I have ever read, leaving me almost DYING to know what will come to the main heroine. There is also an unexpected romance inside this book. It turned up pretty late, especially the k*ss. But it was totally worth the wait. The plot was like a roller-coaster that keep you guessing and demands all of you attention. You DEFINITELY CAN NOT PUT THIS ONE DOWN!
  • Creatures of the Mist on July 04, 2013

    A NEVER DYING TALE! First Night, then comes the Dark. At Mist, everything is not what it seems. I was rather surprise that the main heroine actually got an *ppr*nt*c*. And crowned? But what top it all up for the wait is Valine, and the other boys. They all sound so mysterious, super hot and mystical (oh my, using the book's word already), and enchanting. This can actually be consider a harem, and it will be super great if it were true, considering that I have the hots for it. The book cover is worth the dying for - I mean it. How more beautiful can it be? If I can order the hard copy, I can guarantee that I would have already put this down in my collections, alongside with the first and second book. The covers are so beautiful and magnetizing. I consume each word from the book like they are the only food I can eat - that is how much I am in love with this series. Stella Purple never disappoints me in her series. I consider myself a long-time fan. There is no book more magical and actionical (is that even a word?) than this. Th worlds exist in this series are something so wonderful, I really wish I could live in them as a wizard. It really be totally cool but.... I wish! Can not wait for the next one. THIS BOOK LITERALLY WILL MAKE YOU CAN NOT SLEEP WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT THE CREATURES SERIES! I know I do.
  • Creatures of the Ice on July 04, 2013

    THE MOST EPIC READ E.V.E.R ! ! ! I have been following Stella Purple on Wattpad to read this, and I must say that her chapters are worth the whole month wait. She updated so fast I an energized before I started my day. The thrill never stops, and the plot gets thicker. Just when you think that you can guests where things are going, the author will surprise you with something very different and unpredictable. And this time, a demon is definitely not on my possible list. My friends and I are big fans of Stella Purple. Her works are godly creations that we worship. We all love Arsene and such a strong character and roll model. She is just so amazing, strong (not only physically, but also mentally) and cunning. Personally, my favorite is Lelouch. But Valline is cute and adorable, so I forgave him. Finally, for last saying, I would like to say that this forth book is CHILLING TO THE BONES.