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Smashwords book reviews by Bethie Fisk

  • Storyteller Songs on Jan. 17, 2011

    Having not read the Storyteller series that seems to be paramount for understanding this book, I cannot review it in depth, but there were a few things that I noticed. First of all, all of the poems, while good, were taken from books that I assume to be the series. It did not seem like there was any "new" material for the reader who was a fan of the series. Some may find that to be disappointing, because the introduction led me to think that they were new poems that were based on the series, and not taken directly from them. It also leads to the question of why this book was created in the first place - unless it was fan requested, because all of the poems are in her other books. The poems seemed also to be placed in a haphazard manner that did not seem to be an any comprehensible order - unless of course those who have read the series understand the ordering. Overall, I guess I would say that it is important to read the series in order to fully understand this book.
  • Weaver Of Darkness on Feb. 27, 2011

    Weaver of Darkness is a very strange novel that takes several different concepts and tries to merge them together with mixed results. The prologue is what really got me. On one hand there was the feeling of terror that was given out as this horrible thing was happening, but the inclusion of the Raggedy Ann doll as the “evil” figure was too much for me. It made me smile and laugh despite the author’s best efforts to create a frightening scene. Sadly, after that inauspicious beginning, the novel failed to deliver in many key ways. The author attempted to include several pertinent information into the middle of a scene, creating a jarring effect. Liss, the main character and her friends are basically well-rounded, but at times the author has a tendency to fall into a cliché of high school students. Certain concepts seem to be juvenile, such as calling Liss and her friends “members of the Secret Circle”. Those things did not endear me to the work. However, the overall plotline is well put together and the story moves along rather well, despite often over-emotional scenes that leave the reader confused or dismissive. The bare bones of a good story are there, I just believe that the author needs to work on the details that makes a novel really shine.