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Mommy Bookworm – Mommy Bookworm is almost 36 years old. She did not like to read until she took AP English her senior year of high school. She read 13 novels that year in class (as well as some on her own) and discovered the joy of reading. Mommy Bookworm is currently in college full-time to pursue her dream of teaching high school Spanish and History. She still has three more years to go. This website is one way to try to push Mommy Bookworm to keep reading things other than her textbooks!! She recently got a Nook Color and enjoys reading books on it and sometimes on her iPhone, but also still enjoys good old-fashioned paper books too! Her favorite type of book currently is Christian Fiction, but she really likes many, many different kinds of books!

Daddy Bookworm – Daddy Bookworm is almost 34 years old. He has always enjoyed reading. He works as a computer programmer and doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but still enjoys reading! His favorite genres are Sci-Fi and Fantasy type books. He also reads computer books too!

Dahlia Bookworm – Dahlia Bookworm is currently 11 years old. She has always liked books, even long before she could read them! She loved to be read to when she was little (and still enjoys reading with others). She enjoys all sorts of youth books. She rides horses and loves books about animals, but she also enjoys fantasy and many other genres of youth books too!

Daisy Bookworm – Daisy Bookworm is 7 years old. She has also always loved books! She also rides horses and enjoys animal books. She also liked the Disney Princesses books. However, her current favorite books are anything to do with fairies! She will also read pretty much any children’s book though! We go to the library often and she picks out all sorts of books there!

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  • With you in my heart on Aug. 09, 2011

    I read about this book on Book Blogs and corresponded with the author about reviewing it. It sounded interesting to me. When the author read more on our blog about what we don’t want to read, she did let me know that there were some sexual mentions in the book. I decided that I would try to read it anyway and I would just stop reading it if it was more than I am comfortable reading. Although it does mention some intimate moments, I was too sucked into the story and kept reading!! I do know some other people who would not be comfortable with what is mentioned though, so I would not recommend it for those who like very clean reads. Although I would have preferred it being a little bit “cleaner” as far as sexual content, I was drawn into the book because of the great development of characters. I felt as if I was part of their lives. I don’t remember when my first tear fell, but I had a very hard time staying composed enough to see the words through my tears for the last third or fourth of the book! I will admit that I prefer the “happily ever after” type of story. Although there is an ultimate happy ending, there are twists and turns and sadness that I never saw coming along the way. I have not been that emotional reading a book in a long time and it just really surprised me that this book moved me so much. I felt like a bystander observing the lives of Roshani and Varun, but I absentmindedly talked to my Nook Color as I read – as if talking to the characters would really change their stories or help them make different choices!! I loved the determination and resolve that Roshani has to contribute to the world and try to improve life around her. She is a very strong woman and others lean on that strength, which helps them become stronger also. Varun starts out like a “lost little boy” type soul, but grows so much through his relationship with Roshani. As a reader, it is amazing to witness the changes in his life. I do not want to give things away, but will just say that there are many surprises along the way in this book that draw the reader in more and more with each passing page.