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  • A Moment on June 16, 2013

    A Moment is a story about two persons who have been through a lot. Liliana is a girl who got pregnant too Young. She had to take care from her kid and her mother after the pregancy, because her dad just left them. But her life changes when she met Ryan, a guy who has a bad past and keep secret about what happened to him. Both of them has a baggage, but they fall in love and this love can change their whole life. Is a great book that I really enjoyed. The story is beautiful. Every single step that Lili and Ryan give in their relationship means a lot to them. Each of them had built boundaries and walls. Is good to see every one falling down just because they love each other. We have the point of view from Liliana e Ryan in the chapters, and we can see every feeling, every fear, every doubt they have. We suffer with these characters because they pass through a really bad stuff. A Moment is a really good new adult and I want to read the next story about Alex, Ryan’s cousin, because this kid is a good character and a story about him should be interesting.