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Smashwords book reviews by Carl Carter

  • The Right Asteroid on Jan. 28, 2013

    I actually found this book listed as "people who bought - also bought these books". It looked fun, and it was! Good characters and situations and a nice concept. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only negative was that the "government" and "military" were rather cardboard. Of course, it would have been hard to paint them any other way. Making them sympathetic would have added a hundred pages to no great gain. All told, I am quite happy with the book and have purchased another by this author.
  • The Trilisk Supersedure on Jan. 30, 2013

    I like McCloskey; he stretches my mind in strange directions. Did it again, although, at one point, I had a "no way" moment, an put the book down for three days! When I did restart, it flowed smoothly enough and was great fun! I look forward to more! If you have read any of the PIT series, you will know the characters and will not be disappointed. If you haven't, it might be easier to start with the first. This is a series with a lot of promise!
  • Pleasured by Plasma on Feb. 15, 2013

    I don't often read books that are defined as erotica, although many books I read have secondary erotic themes. As they go, this one was fun, entertaining... Not my normal cup of tea, but worth having read. I would think if a reader is looking for erotica, this would be a very good choice.