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Born in the small town of Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand, in June 1948, this second child in the Gundesen family was named Carolyn Ann.

Having invested time at a Bible Institute in Virginia, in the U.S.A., (1975-1977), Walter and Carolyn became foundational Pastor and Pastor's wife of Liberty Baptist Church which now has a church in New Plymouth as well as the original one in Inglewood.

While in the U.S.A., Carolyn took a class in journalism in the Bible College. Her teacher, Marie Chapman, told her, "You must write, Carolyn; you have it in you, and you must write." The example of seeing Mrs Chapman use every moment to jot down thoughts, recording them in her notebook, left a lasting impression on Carolyn who now seeks to use every spare moment in her chosen and compulsive craft. Others do knitting and cross-stitch; Carolyn writes.

In 1991, Carolyn's first novel, TREASURES, was published in the United States of America; followed by CASTLES. In 1992, a third in this series, (The Frencolian Chronicles) was published, KINGDOMS. Three prequels in this series have been published since then, but fans are asking for more. SECRETS is the next planned book in this series.

Working at odd hours and some 'stolen' time, (minutes here and there are valuable to such a writer), Carolyn continued her creative works, adding the extra task of printing and publishing her books so that fans who write for 'more' are kept somewhat satisfied.

Carolyn has over 35 books published, not including a set of creative writing stationary she designed and published in 1998.

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