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  • If You Go Into The Woods on July 24, 2011

    "Eight-year old Jiri Beranek is drawn to a nearby forest, captivated by birds hidden high in the trees. Each time he enters, his desire to see the mysterious creatures is checked by his fear of the dark. When he finally forces himself to go farther, he finds a new reason to be afraid." This description quite peaked my interest, this story I want to know more about, David Gaughran writes a compelling story for which I applude him, but I feel this isn't really the story I read. His short story reads more, to me, as a book synopsis, then actually a short story. There was more underdeveloped back story, and Jiri, doesn't actually repeatly enter, we are told that "each time he went into the forest, and tried to go deeper, he would panic and bolt for the trail". I want to experience these attempts not just be told about them. As well, towards the end I am disappointed that the story ends as it does. I think there is a terrific story,but this to me, reads more like a first draft. The second story, "The Reset Button", I enjoyed much better, but I feel at times it was a bit misdirected. The character here is descibed as being forgotten, which is carried through the story except till the end, we wishes he had a reset button, but my understanding, having read the story was more of the sci-fi feel as if his reset button was already pressed. So to me I didn't understand why we would want to press it. IT had that back and forth arguement for me of having it been half pressed. More thoughts can be found on my blog.