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  • Alex Frost Meets The Killer on Aug. 05, 2012

    This was too long-drawn-out, just a little too wordy. The author has a sly sense of humor and writes well - but I wanted it to end sooner. It felt like it will be a series and it would not be a surprise to see another book.
  • C-Shapes on July 27, 2013

    This is one book I will not delete from my Kindle. I plan to go back and read it again as it was so thought-provoking. I only saw a very few errors and they did not distract from the story. It is worth reading but set aside some time as it is hard to put it down once you start. Terrific job on the characters and a novel plot with interesting turns and twists. Five stars, forget the spelling -- a good writer deserves kudos for his ideas and writing; maybe he can hire an editor if the good books keep coming.