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  • Devoted (The Incorruptibles Saga - Book Two) on July 14, 2012

    Can you live on faith alone? Ethon has no faith and is not sure it is needed. Ethon needs to see if the law really has prevented war for 3 thousand years. He sees there is merit in some of the law he is just not sure it is the only way to live. When the rebels come to town and then just disapear, he needs to see for himself if Genesis is real. Along his journey he meets different village people who have made up their own versions of the law. Ethon finds that changing the law to fit your own may not work either. As he faces challenges, his faith in the law changes. His quest comes to a conculsion with Ethon finding answers to all his questions. Enjoyed reading this book. I will be reading it again, and look forward to more books in the future.