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  • Date Night on Nov. 18, 2011

    Emma Holly is one of my "auto-buy" authors. The worst thing about her stories is turning the final page. No more, sob! Whenever I can reconnect with her wonderful characters it can only be a good thing. I love sequels, no matter how short. Highly recommend.
  • The Battle Lord's Lady on Nov. 18, 2011

    In apocolyptic future "Cleansers" kill all "Mutahs," man, woman or child, without a second thought. Atrilan's skill with a bow was enough to save her from instant death during a Cleansers' sweep of her village. The Battle Lord, Yulen, offers to spare her village if she will teach his warriors her skills. Bitterly aware of the certain death that hangs over the village should she fail, Atri accompanies Yulen to his city. So begins a journey for both Yulen and Atri through ignorance, misconception and finally acceptance and love. This is a love story of carefully developed characters dealing with the timeless theme of discrimination and hatred due to ignorance and prejudice for all those who look or behave differently. Mooney does a good job of creating characters you care for in a world that is real and threatening. I highly recommend.