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Smashwords book reviews by cottontail

  • Songbird on June 18, 2012
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    Songbird is a very compelling book. Dani struggles with the death of her beloved brother who was shot by her father; her mother turns to drinking instead of caring for her only daughter. Dani is moved from foster home to foster home until she at last is placed in a home where she's secure. Her best friend is also her true love, until a boy from her past suddenly appears. Unnusual phone calls start and unveil a disturbing secret Dani had once forgotten. She must make a hard decision about who she truly loves, the boy who's been there all along or the new arrival who's brought up the past.
  • Friends of Choice (Wings from Ashes, #1) on June 18, 2012

    A book for teens. A book about coming of age and trying to fit in at a new school and in a new town. I thought this book was a good read although different in the type of books I normally read. I would recommend to teens to check it out.