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  • Hidden Crimes on July 05, 2012

    Should Cats and dogs fall in love? If you read Hidden Crimes you will know the answer is 100% yes. Nate is a rough and tough wolf who is trying hard to except his place in life and in his pack. But soon he will learn that sometime a challenge is just what a wolf needs. Whether it be in the form of a feisty female Alpha Tiger or his own Alpha, Nate is about to learn just how important he really is. Evina, is the Alpha of her clan. So she has to be tough and being a single mom makes her more then tough. But she has always had a soft spot for the man she calls the Holy Foods Romeo. So when she sees Nate looking a little down curiosity gets the best of this cat. Both Nate & Evina will learn that sometimes playing nice will get you everything that you want. This was a great story. Emma Holly writes really good romance novels. If you have not had the pleasure of reading one of Emma’s books I would very highly recommend you get on it.