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  • Even the Wingless on Sep. 17, 2011

    I've just finished reading this book, and can sum up the entire thing in a single word: Intense. This book tackles heavy situations, serious themes, and is a delightful juxtaposition of beautiful prose and not-so-beautiful subjects, all of which lead to an inevitable but extremely satisfactory solution. Not for the faint of heart, but an excellent read.
  • Family on Dec. 09, 2011

    I'm already in love with the Eldritch characters that Ms. Hogarth has introduced us to, and I've followed Vasith'h and Jahir through her artwork for a long time. So when she started posting writing pieces starring the two, I was very excited. As always, she didn't disappoint. This story was a great look into the Eldritch homeworld, and I came away from the story feeling like I knew a great deal more about the two main characters, and the very deep, unique bond they share. And even though I was fairly certain I knew what was going to happen next in a few places, the author managed to surprise me with a few twists I didn't see coming. It was an outstanding read, as always, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these two.
  • Precious Things on Feb. 25, 2012

    A fluffy little short that made me smile. It hints around the edges of a rather large, well-built world, and it features an Eldritch, which I always look forward to seeing more of them. Definitely lighter than the work I more typically read, but no less enjoyable for that. I think this short may become a holiday stable for me.
  • A Rosary of Stones and Thorns on Feb. 25, 2012

    I followed this briefly while it was being written as a web serial, and I liked the bits I was seeing, but unpredictable schedules on my end made sure I missed several installments, so I eventually gave it up. When I found out that the story was going to be offered up in a book format, I was thrilled; it meant I'd have a chance to read it through, beginning to end. I haven't had a lot of exposure to Christian literature, but I'm glad I took a chance on this one. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting. The author's take on Heaven, Hell, Angels and Demons, and other bits of christian mythos is refreshing and interesting. The characters are compelling, and I found myself liking them a great deal, and feeling pity where I didn't expect to. All in all, this book has everything that I've come to expect from an M.C.A. Hogarth book. Beautiful prose, a willingness to acknowledge the whole of a situation, from the beautiful to the ordinary, from the cold-blooded to the compassionate. And as with many of her other pieces, I've come away thoughtful, and reflective. This book was money very well spent. :)
  • The Admonishments of Kherishdar on Feb. 25, 2012

    These shorts lack the overall lightness of the Aphorisms, and I found myself reading this particular book much more slowly because of it. I found myself taking a great deal of time to muse over each of the Admonishments as I read them, and found myself extremely fascinated with Shame by the end of it all. Not light reading, but extremely worthwhile.
  • The Aphorisms of Kherishdar on Feb. 25, 2012

    This was my first exposure to the Ai-Naidari, and I was immediately hooked. The Calligrapher is a character I find positively fascinating, and the little bits of his life written down in these Incense Stories only found me hungering for more. For the most part light-hearted and uplifting, these stories are nonetheless thought-provoking, and a book I find myself coming back to re-read again and again.
  • Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers 1) on July 31, 2013

    M.C.A. Hogarth has a very deft touch with characters and setting, and description that wraps you up in her worlds, rather than beats you over the head with information. It's one of the reasons I love her work so much. I'm also very entranced with her Eldrich, and this book had the absolute best of both of those things. The dialogue, as always, was spot-on, and the pace of the book kept me reading most of the night. I was immediately drawn to the growing relationship between Jahir and Vasiht'h, watching each of them adapt to the other, and watching both of them being shaped by their surroundings and the bond growing not only between them, but between them and the people who populate their lives. A beautifully emotional book, I can honestly say that I've never been so pleased to spend part of a book bawling my eyes out. As always, the author has excelled. I'm definitely antsy for the sequel.