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I started creating stories with my younger sister and have been writing them for a few years. I finally got the guts to try to publish them!

I have a spherical goldfish named Micky and fat cat named Job, who wakes me up in the morning with poking and prodding to feed him and start writing.

I love writing and one day, I want to achieve writing a book that I'm proud of.

My books and short stories are available around the web. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to comment here or on my blog!

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Series: Matchlock, One. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 102,280. Language: English. Published: May 29, 2014. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » General
War is brewing and three sit at the brim... Rothiel wants it, Gate cannot be distracted by it, and Spykto must prevent it- or he loses his chance of uniting the territories. Between them and their desires sits the City of Warriors, unwanted temptation, unlocked conspiracies, unquenched ambition, and inhuman mystery. The world is dry and one match can burn it all down.
Drum City
Series: Fox and the Flute, Book 2. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 29,980. Language: English. Published: February 9, 2014. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
The North bears no more love for me than the countries I've just run from. And the past has caught up and I don't have anymore time. Bounty hunters chase me, angry former teammates find me, vengeful (and evil, might I add) offspring haunt me, love taunts me, and my past waits to consume me. All I can do is try to take hold of my future, but immortality isn't all it's promised.
The Tiger and The Star
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 82,180. Language: English. Published: April 7, 2013. Category: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
Nokomis prefers to spend her days reforming youths to assassinating for the empire, but disobedience means incriminating herself and the country she spies for. Her target is only one of many suspicions about her questionable mission. Desdemona is only trying to prove herself when she falls into the hands of strange kidnappers. In a matter of moments, she finds a conspiracy unfolding in her hands.
Time Before the Wolf
Price: Free! Words: 25,220. Language: English. Published: September 30, 2012. Category: Fiction » Themes & motifs » Political
Piper, the daughter of the exiled prince, returns home to be faced with the political strife that sits solely on her inexperienced shoulders. If she is to choose the right heir, she must face her every friend and foe before her time is up, unsure of who is for her and who isn't.
Three Turns Champion
Price: Free! Words: 18,380. Language: English. Published: September 5, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » General
LoiTar was a happy dragon until his soul was stolen and placed in a mechanical replica. His escape was wasted when he broke down in the midst of the desert. To top it off, he is revived by none other than one of the mechanical blacksmiths who stole his life. Struggling to find peace in his new and strange life, LoiTar has yet to imagine what might happen to him next.
The Fox and the Flute
Series: Fox and the Flute, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 21,140. Language: English. Published: June 3, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
House-er-shop arrest. Whatever- I'm not fond of it. And then, to preserve my life -and that shop I was stuck in- I find I'm on a quest to catch a very strange thief; a fox in a suit. Tied to a prophecy and joined by several other unusual strangers, haunted by the past, I find there’s more to my adventure than meets the eye.

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