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Smashwords book reviews by Chelsea Carson

  • Vampires Rule on Aug. 14, 2011

    I was lucky enough to be able to download Vampires Rule from Smashwords because of the generosity of K.C. Blake. Thank you! I was immediately interested in the story from the first page. The thought of a lonely boy who cared about his family really drew me in. Jack is a great hero who is nothing like the stereotypical vampire that seems to have taken over most young adult books. Silver is a good heroine as well. She is strong and has goals that appeal to teen girls. I loved that she wants to be a lawyer. The other characters were decent. I really didn't have a problem with any of them. Billy and Silver's parents seem like good people to me. Prophesies and fate are a huge draw to teenagers. They like believing there is a plan for them. This story will certainly pull in young adults. My only real problem with the book was that Silver is once called Star...that confused me a bit. Other than a few other minor typos, I really loved reading Vampires Rule.
  • Shelter (Blood Haze: Book One) on Aug. 16, 2011

    I liked this book, but I didn't love it. The copy I read had several grammar errors that took away from my enjoyment while I was reading. Although the characters were interesting, they didn't feel like real people to me. I disliked that Alice was so weak with her decisions. She swayed every time she was tempted with something different. That really bothered me. Kai was similarly weak. He wanted sympathy but then made himself unsympathetic - something difficult to do because of his circumstances. Max almost strikes me as unabalanced. He's murderous one second and completely passive the next. I had trouble understanding him. The plot had twists and turns and interesting developments; I liked that. I think most teen girls would enjoy reading Shelter. It's an interesting take on a common idea. Definitely worth a read.