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I live in Oklahoma with my Wife, Krista and our two wonderful daughters.

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Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in two different places. My first seven years was in Erie, Pennsylvania. When my mom and dad retired to Florida in 1976, I was their youngest child, so I naturally went with them. I finished my childhood in Lake Tropicana, near Dunnellon, Florida. Going from a city kid to a country guy gave me some unique contrasts between the different lifestyles. A good part of that has crossed over into my fiction in various ways.
When did you first start writing?
My first year of middle school, in the early 1980's. Even in 6th grade, I was itching to pen stories. I told many an adventure to those who would listen, because I enjoyed their reaction, their desire to know what's going to happen next. My mother couldn't get over how much notebook paper I was going through in the 6th grade, until she found out that it wasn't for school work. She didn't get mad, but was impressed with my diligence.
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Darya: Queen of the Galaxy
Series: Epic Science Fiction. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 83,520. Language: American English. Published: February 13, 2015. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » High tech
With the Fabrini Hive Empire sharing specialized shield tech with Darya's allies, the investigation into the xenomorph spread reveals more than a deadly conspiracy. On a planet called Mayhem, the Scion is discovered. Friend or foe? Finding out could result in an infestation that can never be halted, or be the salvation for trillions of lives that Darya desperately seeks.
Paradise Project
Series: Epic Science Fiction, Book 1. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 231,320. Language: English. Published: August 15, 2014. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
His adventure begins in the deep woods, opening his eyes to look upon a world he doesn't recognize. It's too bad that he can't even recall his own name, or why he isn't wearing any clothes! From one discovery to another, this epic tale spans an entire twenty years of action, blazing fury and ultimate consequences.
Darya the Pirate
Series: Epic Science Fiction, Book 3. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 98,770. Language: English. Published: May 27, 2014. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » High tech
Darya uses every stratagem available to plunder technology from military grade starships, uniting not only other criminal organizations, but bringing together several Independent worlds who are hungry for the forbidden advanced technology.
Castle of the Damned
Series: Short Story Hodgepodge, Horror. Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 14,530. Language: English. Published: February 14, 2014. Category: Fiction » Horror » General
Alisa Morris finds herself in an unfamiliar castle, hired for the lead part of a new reality television show. Her loyal bodyguard, Will Jones, wishes she would abandon the contract and get out of that place. However, the money is too good, the new series too lucrative for her to simply walk away. Little did the new cast members know, the castle is an elaborate trap for unwary souls.
Darya Rising
Series: Epic Science Fiction, Book 2. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 90,610. Language: American English. Published: June 21, 2013. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Liberated from a primitive world, Darya leaves a throne of luxury for a new life among the stars. Warned of the perils from her friend and trusted mentor, she tackles the dangers without hesitation. Using black market technology and Elizabeth's knowledge, the adventure begins with much needed combat training on an incredibly hostile planet.
Low Functioning Autism
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 19,590. Language: American English. Published: January 1, 2013. Category: Nonfiction » Relationships and Family » Autism spectrum disorders
A father exposes the trials, efforts and difficulties with raising his low functioning autistic daughter in a society that doesn't quite understand the true complexities of this disorder. Step into their lives and take a good solid look from a much experienced point of view, one that won't flood you with medical acronyms, in a no nonsense method of sharing.
Heroes of Valinthia
Series: Valinthia Saga, Book 3. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 94,250. Language: English. Published: December 2, 2012. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
During the ceremony to dedicate the brand new starport from Galactopolis, our Heroes are visited by the Zarg Empire. Offered friendship quickly turns to subterfuge and treachery. With the world's most powerful sorcerer and seer vanishing, can the Heroes of Valinthia prevail? The epic fight for survival begins now!
Rulers of Valinthia
Series: Valinthia Saga, Book 2. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 92,660. Language: English. Published: July 1, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
With the war won, Valinthia's truce between good and evil is clearly at an end. Aided by renegade changelings, Raphael's necromancy flourishes unhindered on Galactopolis. The Rulers of Valinthia struggle to prevent the spread of infectious evil to the rest of the galaxy, and to save the life of one of their own.
Defenders of Valinthia
Series: Valinthia Saga, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 93,140. Language: English. Published: March 1, 2012. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
A world where magic reigns finds itself at war with a universe dominated by science. This conflict won't be won by the humans alone. Valinthia holds more to its mysteries than a functioning magic. Changelings and their love for chaos sign up. Pixies and gnomes learn to get along! Sleeping dragons stir during their rejuvenating slumber. Battle lines are drawn as the conflict begins!
The Unintentional Vampire
Series: Short Story Hodgepodge, Sci-Fi Horror. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 7,260. Language: English. Published: September 17, 2011. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories
A deep space exploratory team finds a pristine world filled with a humanoid population. Having an entire crew of alcoholics under his command, Captain Mark Trevor faces more than a shortage of booze and severe alcohol withdrawal. An act of vampirism proves that monsters are indeed real, and not who you expect them to be.
Passion Of The Unknown
Series: The Passion Trilogy, Volume Three. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 82,060. Language: English. Published: May 1, 2011. Category: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
The Elerian and Sanego realms have enjoyed two decades of peace while Ryan and Myra’s children matured into interesting adults. As the riddle of the Machine Master’s Hand reveals intriguing discoveries, passion flares to life in the most unlikely places. Between the fear of a terrifying new enemy and the pending annihilation of all they hold dear, is their hope for survival futile?
Passion Of The Same
Series: The Passion Trilogy, Volume Two. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 73,840. Language: English. Published: February 6, 2011. Category: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
Surrounded by forces from two different worlds, Myra and Ryan struggle to survive the efforts that are intent upon destroying them. Old enemies become new allies, but will their combined skills be enough to save everyone?
The Gift of a Kiss
Series: Short Story Hodgepodge, Fairy-Tale Fantasy. Price: Free! Words: 2,260. Language: English. Published: January 20, 2011. Category: Fiction » Fantasy » General
An incredibly handsome gentleman offers Malinda a kiss for an act of kindness. She quickly learns that he isn't an ordinary man. Destiny and sorcery both conspire to grant a woman everything she never had in a way she never thought possible!
A Jalapeno For The Vampire
Series: Short Story Hodgepodge, Horror. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 4,580. Language: English. Published: January 3, 2011. Category: Fiction » Horror » General
Kidnapped and thrown into the lair of a deadly vampire, Susan Smith fights through the terror of her plight to survive. Will the evil creature get her in the end or will she find a way to defeat him?
Passion Of The Different
Series: The Passion Trilogy, Volume One. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 74,760. Language: English. Published: November 19, 2010. Category: Fiction » Romance » Fantasy
Amnesia robbing him of all identity and found by Myra, it's clearly evident he isn't of her people. As exotic to her as she is to him, will culture differences be too much for their growing passion? Or will Queen Darya successfully steal what no peasant should have? Torn by subterfuge and conflict, his choices may have little bearing as the forgotten past catches up.
A Temporal Mistake
Series: Short Story Hodgepodge, Sci-Fi Time Travel. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 16,320. Language: English. Published: August 7, 2009. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » High tech
Harshly yanked through time and space from an experiment gone wrong, a lonely man named Alexander does his best to fit into utopia as the long list of mysterious facts come together to reveal the shocking truth of where he truly landed.

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  • Fair Price on Jan. 23, 2011

    Nice reveal towards the end there, something different that kept my attention from the beginning to the end. If you decide to take this further, let us know.
  • Suitcase Tales on April 04, 2011

    A charming set of short stories, snips of real life written down through keen observation and put to page in an entertaining way. Thank you for the free read, Val. It's nice to see that you didn't forget your original dream, seeing them linked from today to way back when offers a keen insight to the woman that you are. Well done.
  • Swallow the Moon on Sep. 18, 2011

    As a guy who enjoys a good romance novel from time to time, I tend to be a bit more critical. When things happen that don't make sense, I tend to frown. Well guess what. I never frowned ONCE while reading Swallow the Moon. I expected to read this in a week or so, only to find myself unable to put it down. The plot isn't too complicated, yet it's intricate in how it plays out. That's no easy feat to pull off. One of my pet peeves of women writers who write about men's reactions in a romantic novel is having the guy so far off base as to be unreal. Jorndan's take on this issue is a pleasant surprise. She gets it right. In doing that, the story took on a quality of realism that I do enjoy, and happily immersed myself into the world and the supernatural problems our lovebirds face. Well done, Jordan. I can tell that you wrote this from both the heart and mind. Keep it up. ^_^
  • Buggins' Turn on Sep. 26, 2014

    Buggins. The name alone is as quirky, humorous and downright terrifying-to-the-funny-bone as this well-written screenplay easily suggests. The opening scenes not only gave me a solid glimpse into the ramshackle life of the main character, but also got me laughing, quite literally, way out loud. The leading woman in Buggins' life is also as provocative in her own charming, electric way. Celia is a formidable force who is the glue that keeps Buggins together through both crisis and victory. Every character has their own place, their own quirks, their own agenda, and it's a form of chaos that lends credibility to the order of things that happen to Buggins from the very moment he encounters each person, friend or foe. I can't stress it enough; this is a read you won't want to pass up on. Everything that hides in the shadows of our own daily lives gets pounded with the humor bat, and not lightly. If I was a billionaire with the influence to get the ball rolling in Hollywood, I would produce this for the big screen and rake in the results. So I have to be content with one of the biggest smiles on my face at the end of this story, because it ends as it should. I'm not telling you details about that for a reason. Read it for yourself, but be warned, make sure you're not in a situation where you wake up your household from noisy fits of laughing. Well done, Mr. Jute. Coming from an old Thespian who has done his own fair share of comedy on the stage in days long gone, that means something. If you write another screenplay, I'll be one of the first to pick it up.