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  • Change Of Season on Aug. 15, 2012

    A.C. Dillon was kind enough to give me a copy of Change of Season. I loved it so much that I bought a copy for a friend. The creepy cool tone that is present throughout the novel not only had me devouring the book, but made sure that I only read while the sun was out. If a suspense book is creepy enough that I don't want to read it at night, the author is definitely doing something right. I alternately wanted to hug and shake some sense into Autumn, the story's heroine. Autumn is a very cool girl - she loves pop culture and Canadian music. She leaps off the page as someone that I would have loved to hung out with when I was a teenager, but probably wouldn't have been cool enough to keep up with her. Autumn has more than her fair share of problems. She has a truly psychotic ex-boyfriend who is stalking her and the boarding school she fled to may not be the safe haven she was hoping for. Autumn has the great bad luck to be a doppelganger to several young women who have died or gone missing from Casteel Prep. Fortunately for Autumn, she falls into a reluctant friendship with Veronica and later, Andy. Armed with two supportive friends and an insightful therapist, Autumn must solve the mystery of the missing girls and avoid her psychotic ex, so that she can live to see the end of the school year. Veronica and Andy are fantastic supporting characters. Veronica is vivacious, energetic, and refuses to give up on becoming Autumn's friend. She is exactly the kind of friend every girl dreams of - sweet, fun, and always ready for an adventure. Andy is much more like Autumn, solitary and suffering. Circumstance throws them together and a beautiful friendship and eventually romance builds. Just like Autumn depends on Veronica and Andy, so does the success of the story. They add fun, drama, and help Autumn make important discoveries. I loved the quick pace of the story. I never knew what was going to happen next. Best of all, the end completely surprised me! I would highly recommend Change of Season.