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  • Son of Destiny (A Short Story) on Nov. 30, 2012
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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short story! My one and only complaint about it...it ended! I think this is just a very tantalizing taste of the talent Kimberly posesses and that the story did it's job...made me want more! Thank you, Kimberly Kinrade, for gifting me with the opportunity to escape into your world with this story!
  • Her Mad Hatter on Jan. 06, 2013
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    I loved reading this so much that I immediately started looking for more when I was finished with this! Iwish I could afford to buy the entire body of work that this talented author has published!I was pleasantly surprised to love this as much as I did! Read this...you will not regret it!
  • Enchanted Hearts on Feb. 03, 2013
    star star star star star
    I completely agree with the other reviewers,this story truly was enchanting! I absolutely devoured every word! I was concerned that the story would end with a cliffhanger as I neared the end but was pleasantly surprised! The ending left me completely fulfilled and was poetically beautiful. I don't mean that it was written in a poetic format. I mean that it was as beautiful and inspiring as poetry! I not only recommend this book to others but will definitely be reading this again because I enjoyed it so thoroughly! I think I may have fallen a little bit in love with this author.
  • Give Me Reason - Reason Series #1 on Jan. 31, 2014
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    I would definitely recommend this book to my fellow book lovers...although I will have to warn them that it not only sucks you in from page one but it also has a major cliffhanger ending! I fell so strongly in love with this story, though, that I knew when I was only 34% into it that I was going to want to read more from the author and I stopped reading just so I could like her page and add everything she had written to my Amazon wish list! In addition, although I finished reading this book, I could not stop and review it right away. I needed to know what happened next so I immediately started reading book two and finally had to force myself to stop reading and get some sleep because it was 3am and I had to get my daughter up for school the next day. But, after she was off to school, I went right back to it. Book two is also a cliffhanger so I had to buy the third book (which, fortunately, is not as much of a cliffhanger since there is a delay before book four will be released) and read that one as well before I could finally allow myself to go back and review them all! Yes, I enjoyed reading each book in this series THAT much! I want to tell the author...you keep writing and I will keep reading! I'm definitely a fan!