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Debra Johnson was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on July 20th, 1976.

Ever since the long ago angsty days of horrible high school poetry and prose, Debra has dreamed of becoming a published author.

She found out that dreams do not have the power alone to achieve goals, that ideas in your head are simply ideas in your head, and no one is going to come along and ask you about your ideas. They're going to ask you about the work you've already done, the books you've already written. They'll want the proof that you believe in your dream, that you believe in yourself.

It wasn't until Debra moved to Grand Prairie, TX, did she start to remember her dreams. Finally, at the age of 36 she challenged herself to write a complete book, never actually believing she could finish it.

Five months later, and the first draft was complete.

During the publishing process, she was excited and knew she would probably cry once everything was done. No one warned her she might throw-up. Also, it was not just simplistic tears of picturesque joy. It was ugly, puffy faced, red-eyed crying with snot. Lots of snot. It was gross.

Warning: Achieving your dreams can sometimes be messy.

All that aside, Debra has thoroughly enjoyed writing The Phoenix Curse saga, and is thrilled that you want to join in on this journey.

One final thought to all. If you have a dream, believe in yourself. To accomplish one of your life goals is an indescribable feeling that no one should be denied.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a little town in Oklahoma, barely even a speck on the map. I was miles away from the nearest store, my guardians worked long ours, so more often than not, I was left to my own devices. Having to make up my own games really helped my imagination blossom, and that's a must-have for writing good fiction!
When did you first start writing?
I started writing at a very young age. In 6th grade english, I was given the assignment to write and illustrate a children's book. Of course, for most kids, it was just another boring assignment but, for me, it was a beginning.

There were certain specifications we were supposed to follow in regards to page length, word count, vocabulary, and illustrations. My biggest issue was keeping it within those boundaries. At the age of 11, my creation grew wings and busted out of the limitations (or goals from some of the other students viewpoints) and I continued to work on it even after the assignment. It has now grown into an epic trilogy that is my 'baby.' I have not considered publishing it yet.
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