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I love and live in Kenya.
I love to meet new books and experience what the writers share with me- because every word has the power not only to build but also to destroy.
Have a look at my books- and share them with your friends- Thank You.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I started writing when I was twelve years old. The first piece I wrote was a letter to my Dad asking him how heaven was and if he could send some angels to scare away the bullies at school- and help with my Math homework. I wasn't good at Math.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords has made it easier for me to share my writing and get reviews from friends and people across the globe. Traditional publishing is expensive and thanks to Smashwords- I can not only publish my books for free, but I also learn how to edit and format a book, which makes me really appreciate publishers.
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Love Like Bouts of Diarrhea
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 9,570. Language: American English. Published: April 10, 2014. Category: Fiction
My grandmother says that love is like diarrhea, it needs neither an invitation nor privacy. I did not believe her, let alone understand why she would choose to compare love to diarrhea until things started happening...and I had to think that maybe, just of us was wrong.
21 Days
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 7,830. Language: American English. Published: February 26, 2014. Category: Fiction
(5.00 from 3 reviews)
I found him on the first day. He was walking towards my table at the restaurant. The place was full except for the seat beside me. I cringed at the thought of sharing my table with someone, worse off a guy. What if I chewed too loudly?
Choose Me
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 1,920. Language: English. Published: January 17, 2014. Category: Fiction
One year ago whatever existed between Jack and Alice ended. Truth is Alice thinks there's hope for them, but how can she tell when she's not talked to him for a year? Would he attend the party? Would he still be single and interested in her?
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 5,120. Language: English. Published: August 29, 2013. Category: Nonfiction
I am falling. No, it’s neither in love nor asleep, but into a black hole. I have always known that I would have to write about myself. Now that I have to, I fear that whatever it is I write, nothing may be as virtual as I would like it to be.
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 2,720. Language: English. Published: May 10, 2013. Category: Fiction
0.5 star(4.50 from 2 reviews)
He told me “I am happy that you found a man who makes you feel better than I did, but to be honest I am not happy that the man is my brother.”
The Single Diaries
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 18,270. Language: English. Published: April 15, 2013. Category: Nonfiction
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
Whoever said being single at 27 was such a bad idea? Meet Agnes, and her six friends as she opens up about what it means to be single in Nairobi.
Only Time Will Tell
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 610. Language: English. Published: March 9, 2013. Category: Nonfiction
A story of time, forgiveness and reunion.
I Wanted To Tell You
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 1,310. Language: English. Published: February 23, 2013. Category: Nonfiction
(5.00 from 1 review)
No one can ever understand what it means for a child to see his/her Dad behind bars, the best one can do is to relate. I Wanted To Tell You, is written by a boy twelve years later after his Dad was imprisoned-and he hopes that his Dad would find it somewhere in his heart to forgive him for all those years he never visited him. He also has something important he's always wanted to tell his Dad.
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 3,600. Language: English. Published: February 18, 2013. Category: Fiction
0.25 star(4.17 from 6 reviews)
Would you stay married after the first affair? Maria loves Micah despite his flaws. He is handsome and kind and she loves him, or not, but she has stayed even when the affairs has surpassed the number of her fingers. Pieces is her view on her marriage, loyalty and why revenge is best served as a cold dish with a smile on one's face.
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 2,950. Language: English. Published: December 14, 2012. Category: Fiction
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
It's December and Maxwell vowed to make Leila his-but they haven't seen each other since he proposed to her three weeks ago. In a city full of people and events, all Maxwell wants is for Leila to say "yes" questions is can he find her? And if he does, will she say yes?
Never Forget Me Leila
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 1,680. Language: English. Published: December 6, 2012. Category: Fiction
What would you do if you asked the woman you love to marry you and she kissed you then walked away without a word? Leila left Maxwell standing in the cold, and he hopes that of all he's done she'll still say "yes."
I Love You This Much
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 6,120. Language: English. Published: November 25, 2012. Category: Fiction
(5.00 from 1 review)
Leila is alive and in-love with Maxwell; but he's only some memory, or is he? Nancy loves William. He doesn't love her though, because he is not the same-not since the accident; and all four are tangled in a web, one that's created by one of them, will love their love endure?
Dear Brian
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 3,440. Language: English. Published: September 8, 2012. Category: Nonfiction
When you love someone no matter how much they have hurt you, it beats all logic to give up on that love. At times the one person we love, needs to know just how much pain they've caused us and that we are willing to overlook that.
The Book Of Abel
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 2,900. Language: English. Published: July 16, 2012. Category: Nonfiction
I'm Abel. I'm twenty two years old. I'm a Father: Stacey's Father. And this is my story.
From The Heart
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 1,140. Language: English. Published: April 28, 2012. Category: Nonfiction
This is an account of betrayal that comes straight from Flo's heart.
Last Heart Standing
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 1,850. Language: English. Published: March 2, 2012. Category: Fiction
Falling in love with someone is great, but seeing them change-as they start doing things to please you,doesn't it make you wonder if you are dating a fake worse off a hypocrite?
Made For You
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 5,460. Language: English. Published: February 21, 2012. Category: Fiction
0.75 star(2.75 from 4 reviews)
Luke loves May. May loves him just as much. They date for a year and he finally asks her to marry him, but he leaves that night. He's been gone for two years without so much as goodbye-and when May thinks of giving up on her love, she learns of why he left and why he's been silent. People make mistakes, even the people that we love, at times forgiveness is the only way out.
The Absolutely Boring Life of Mya
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 6,170. Language: English. Published: February 15, 2012. Category: Fiction
(3.00 from 1 review)
Mya's special, sweet, and bored out of her mind with what happens in her life-that's before David, Clive and Wayne all show up-and she realizes that love though beautiful is complicated and all she does is run...
Ethan And Richard
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 3,240. Language: English. Published: February 9, 2012. Category: Fiction
Richard walked out on his son, Ethan, eighteen years ago-and now he's back. He has a month to live after battling Lung Cancer, and he wants to set things right, he wants Ethan's forgiveness. Ethan does not want anything to do with him.But Richard is persistent...will he win?
Say You Love Me
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 10,370. Language: English. Published: January 21, 2012. Category: Fiction
0.75 star(4.67 from 3 reviews)
If you are married and are caught cheating...what would you do? It seems easy to simply sign a divorce paper, or serve them to someone-but what if a huge part of you still wants to stay, what then? Beryl goes through the same with Mark. 'Say you love me' is a story about love, hopes and dreams and how at times reality hurts more than it should.
Dear May
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 2,520. Language: English. Published: November 15, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
May wrote a letter to Yellow, the one guy she loves, but who she believes is not good enough for her, now he writes back-he tells his side of the story. May wrote Yellow a letter. Yellow wrote her a message.
Dear Yellow
By Dora Okeyo
Price: Free! Words: 10,370. Language: English. Published: November 11, 2011. Category: Nonfiction
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
May is young, beautiful and in love with Yellow. Who is Yellow? Well, Yellow is the guy who doesn't care, not even one bit about May's feelings. He cheats and says he still loves her. Read the book to find out just how easy Yellow lies and why May is so bent on believing him.

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  • The Vampire's Valentine: A YA Paranormal Story on Feb. 08, 2012
    star star star star star
    I loved reading this short story, because it starts with Chester's (the Vampire) perspective. It's a good 23 page story that keeps you turning pages-reminds me of life in high school and sending out gifts to boys you had a crush on anonymously.
  • The Last Story I Will Ever Write About Her on Feb. 09, 2012
    (no rating)
    Such honesty makes this story a brutal break up story-it made me feel sorry for Missy. Most guys would relate to this story, most ladies would want a guy who really loves them like the main character.
  • The Favour Men: Initiation on Feb. 21, 2012
    star star star star
    I loved Jake's determination in this short story, he's persistent and the story is a depiction of brotherhood and how far brothers would go to help their own.
  • Sweet Revenge on Feb. 24, 2012
    star star star
    The ending is a shocker, but it's a great piece of writing.
  • Only in my Memories on Feb. 26, 2012
    star star star star
    This is a short story,of how much dreams can be insights into who we are and our hearts desires. It's a great quick read, that leaves you feeling happy, settled, and longing for more of such stories.
  • Love across the pages on Feb. 26, 2012
    star star star star
    I'm a sucker for romance, and this is a great read, could have been longer though.
  • Every Day's A Good Day March 2012 on Feb. 29, 2012
    star star star
    I love the simplicty with which the Bible verses are woven into daily life.
  • Silent Dreams on Dec. 26, 2013
    star star star star
    I love Sam- she's sweet, but not as much as Matt who gets to her when she calls, and is sad to hear that she got mugged. They have this ease between them. It's like they know and accept each other in a very short span of time, and it makes you think of how much they'd overcome. The way I see it- their ease is enough to see this through to a full length novel.
  • His Every Whim on April 05, 2014
    star star star star star
    Loved this story. Wish it were longer so I'd know whether Xander went after Ashley.