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  • Heaven Sent (Amish Romance) on Oct. 08, 2012

    Miriam has been in love with Jed forever and thinks her future includes marriage to him, but Jed yearns to see what life is like outside their Amish community and leaves to explore the world. Miriam thinks her heart will be forever broken but that changes when Daniel moves into town. Miriam quickly falls in love with Daniel but is she really over her feelings for Jed? “Heaven Sent” is a short Amish story that has some good points and bad points and with some editing and expansion could be an excellent story. First the good points: while author Becca Fisher sets up a love triangle, Daniel's story is far more compelling and could have been developed more - it really would be a wonderful focal point for a novel (Jed on the other hand was far too self-centered a character). Miriam is an okay character - very Amish in many ways yet filled with lust for both Jed and Daniel - she does seem to fall in and out of love very quickly. I would have liked to see her slowly fall for Daniel rather than fall in love with him the first time she sees him. Now the bad points: the editing. Miriam sounded at times Amish at other times English. No Amish girl would refer to her parents by their first name. I've read a lot of Amish novels and while Amish women may indeed lust after Amish men and admired their abs they never do so in an Amish novel. At times the viewpoint switches from first person narration to third point. Finally the story could use some proofreading - there are two Chapter 7’s. “Heaven Sent” has some good moments and with some work could be an excellent story.