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I love to read all genres and like to read new books and new authors, someday I hope to write a book myself. I also enjoy spending time with my grandchildren

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  • The Black God's War [A Stand-Alone Novel] (Prelude to the Splendor and Ruin Trilogy) on Sep. 28, 2011
    (no rating)
    If you like a truly wonderful epic fantasy then this is the book for you. It is well written and quite creative. It takes a fine mind to create and write a story like this. The only negative I would say is that there was not enough info on what started the war and background on the characters. ( )
  • A Feast of Flesh: Tales of Zombies, Monsters, and Demons on Oct. 15, 2011
    (no rating)
    If you like stories of Zombies and stories of horror and undead this is the short story collection for you. Although there are only 10 stories they are well written and they did not take the blood and gore over the top. So curl up on the sofa on a cold rainy night and have a good read.
  • Lucifer's Odyssey on Oct. 22, 2011

    I just finished reading Lucifer's Odyssey and it is one of the best books I have read in a while. You follow the life journey of a demon prince whose story spans millions of years through good times and bad times, happiness, sadness,love and war. This book shines a whole new light on heaven/hell and the universe, so if you don't have an open mind do not read this book. I found it quite entertaining and eye opening and quite different from anything else I have read. I wish I had the talent of Mr. Rex Jameson, I can not wait for the Goblin Rebellion . Keep up the great work.
  • Fantastic Realms on Nov. 02, 2011

    This is a collection of fantasy stories written somewhat like a fairy tale or fable. The stories are a collection of knights,monks,monsters and witches. Although I enjoyed the stories but some of the wording used was slightly annoying at times, maybe a little less medieval wording would have been better. Still, I will read more by this author. Good job!
  • The Adventure of the Greenbriar Ghost on Nov. 23, 2011

    This book was a good read but not quite up to the ones written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but still worth it.
  • Dark Before Dawn on Nov. 24, 2011

    I thought this was a well written book and would really suggest this to any young adults who are interested in the paranormal, but I would also suggest it to all readers of all ages. Another home run by Stacy Juba
  • Small Magic: Collected Short Stories on Dec. 09, 2011

    This is the first flash fiction I have ever read, I will say it was a little frustrating at first but I got into it. I have read other books by Aaron Polson and this was written as well as all the others. I would of course continue reading his work
  • Creative Spirit on Dec. 17, 2011

    This book was a mystery but not with the stereotypical haunted house. The story had some different relationships and trials. The characters were well thought out and realistic. I did not want to put this book down and I would highly recommend it as a good read for anyone. Well done Scott.
  • Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis on Jan. 03, 2012

    This book although for the young adult readers will suck the adults in also. If you enjoy mysteries, Ancient Egypt,Celtic lore you will totally love this book. Michael,Liam and Abby are wonderful characters and totally believable. The story moves along at a fast pace so you do not want to put it down. I can not wait until the next one is released.
  • Amaranth (The Resistance Trilogy, #1) on Jan. 09, 2012

    Camille is trying to make a new life away from the fear and abuse. She seemed to repeat the pattern of choosing abusive men until she met Gavin and his friend Gabe. They introduce her to a new world where she learns not to fear. I can't wait for The Gates to be released so I can continue the journey.
  • Broods of Fenrir on Jan. 10, 2012

    If you enjoy paranormal shape-shifters than you should read this novel. This author has made the storyline so believable that you almost believe they exist in the world.There is murder, love, and battles throughout the story. If you love werewolves then this is the read for you.
  • Between on Jan. 24, 2012

    I have not started many books with the death of a main character. But this was not Lindsey's end it was her beginning. She wakes up in a beautiful field with Aiden, the Highlander. It was great to see a story where love can begin after a life has ended. It was a wonderful learning experience for both characters. The book did have some Christian references, but it did not diminish my enjoyment of the book. Between is a wonderful story of love, romance and redemption. I recommend this book for everyone who wants to be enchanted just for a little while.
  • Between The Land And The Sea on Feb. 16, 2012

    This was an amazing story. The descriptions of the beautiful mermaids was so vivid you could almost see them in your mind. This story is about Marina and her search for who she is and who her mother was. She goes to her Aunt Abby's and cousin Cruz's house for her senior year while her father was away in Afghanistan. She inadvertently meets Lorelei the mermaid and then embarks on a journey to discover herself. With the help of Cruz,Megan and Ethan the hunk also her boyfriend she searches for her answers, where she finds she must make a very important decision. This was a wonderfully written book and I can not wait to read Marina's Tales.
  • My Enchanted Life on Feb. 19, 2012

    After Emma an eighteen year old graduates high school, she receives a letter telling her she has inherited a house in England from an uncle she never knew she had. She was raised by her mothers sister and her husband , so she never knew anything about her father or his family. Well she truly is about to find out. This story is full of disbelief, confusion, fantasy, humor and love. You have demons, ghosts, shape shifters, gnomes and even a dragon.. This book is like an adult fairy tale with some paranormal activities, what a wonderful book!
  • Five on Feb. 24, 2012

    The problem I found with this book was that the characters were not completely thought out. I had a hard time getting into the book at first but it grew on me after a few chapters. Rayla, I think was a little paranoid about the darkness and someone following her from the Other World. Rayla and Cassie were always arguing not at all like the best friends they were supposed to be. Although I found it slow going I do want to read the next book. I do hope Rayla ends up with Luke and learns more about herself and the Fae. I do love the Fae.
  • A Marked Past on Feb. 24, 2012

    Wow! What a wonderful story, I had trouble putting it down to sleep. Lyla is a 16 year old who suddenly loses her father, and also finds out her mother is moving them from Chicago to Salem, the home of her fathers ancestors, and that is where she learns of her heritage and the man who is hunting her family to kill them all. Her Uncle Nathan and her two cousins,Mohana and Sage and her boyfriend Caleb all try to help her embrace her legacy and find a way to stop the witch hunter. There are covens, witches,witch hunters and lots of crazy witchy things going on. This is a series I must follow to the end. Can not wait for the next book.That is where she learns of her heritage and the man who is hunting her family to kill them all. Her Uncle Nathan and her two cousins,Mohana and Sage and her boyfriend Caleb all try to help her embrace her legacy and find a way to stop the witch hunter. There are covens, witches,witch hunters and lots of crazy witchy things going on. This is a series I must follow to the end. Can not wait for the next book.
  • Tales from Brookgreen: Gardens, Folklore, Ghost Stories, and Gullah Folktales in the South Carolina Lowcountry on March 01, 2012

    When I started to read this book I did not think I would like enjoy it, but when I really got into it I enjoyed it immensely. In my minds eye I could actually visualize Brookgreen Gardens, past and present. I have learned more about the Lowcountry after only a few stories. It is an awesome thing to learn about the history,legends,folklore and even some ghost stories of a place so close but never been there. There is war,building planting rice,death,sickness and romance all rolled up in this story. It is also fun to learn little things about the author and Aunt Corrie,Miss Genevieve and the Flaggs. Than you so much for allowing me the opportunity to read/review this wonderful book.