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I'm a part time blogger and poet. I'm currently working on my first urban fantasy novel and a book of poems.I also review books on my book review blog at www.earthsbooknook.blogspot.com
I always like good conversation so feel free to find me in cyberspace at the links on my bio. Looking forward to getting to know more beginning authors and poets like myself.

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  • The Clever Detective: Story 1 (A Fairy Tale Romance) on April 24, 2011

    Witty funny tale with a modern fairy tale twist. Few edits but didn't retract from the story. Quick fun read. Made me smile:) Looking forward to reading more.
  • Spirit Thorn (A Tale of Parallel Worlds) on April 24, 2011

    This book combined elements of nature and science to bring together a epic fantasy that drew me in from the first page.It sent my mind reeling about possibilities of other worlds. It made me think about our own reality. All these realities each moving in time with one another. Any book that can draw me in from the first page and make me keep reading is a 5 star book to me. His world weave is very descriptive and I can almost feel his world in my fingertips. Bravo..looking forward to more reads. If you like a book that makes you think, this is the one for you:)
  • The Hunter and The Elf Queen on July 06, 2011

    I had the pleasure of reading Hunter & The Elf Queen by Kender MacGowan and found myself drawn into this stanza about love. It’s more than a poem it’s a feeling. Kender’s writing flows effortlessly and creates a wonderful description of love gained and love lost. It takes a talented wordsmith to appeal to my poetic appetite as poetry was my first writing medium. His words paint a beautiful masterpiece and pulls me right into the Hunter’s search for his love. Poetry has to flow and create a world for me in a few short lines to capture my interest. I would recommend this wonderful painting to anyone who loves to read a story within a poem. It has otherworldly elements that appeal to anyone who has a whimsical nature about their person. I give this piece 5 stars and hope to read more of Kender’s words. Brilliant wordsmith Kender and I am proud to know you even if only online. I imagine we would have quite the conversation in a pub sometime.